Maya Jama tweets about her Leo necklace

Relationship-with-leonardo-dicaprio-1216194″>Maya Jama took to Twitter to speak out about the ongoing rumors of her Dating Leonardo DiCaprio. 28-year-old British radio host and television presenter replied to a Daily Mail article claiming that Maya was dropping hints about dating Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. Maya was spotted wearing a gold “Leo” necklace. Maya clarified in a tweet saying that the necklace was in no way related to the actor and that her motivation behind wearing it was the fact that Leo is her star sign.

Maya tweeted, “I’ve been minding my business on holiday & said I wouldn’t respond/pay attention to any of the silly stories anymore but you need to stop now, that is literally my star sign. We are not dating. Move on please,” she wrote in response to the outlet’s tweet regarding the matter.” She continued in the next tweet and wrote, “They been dragging the story for the past week,” she said in a follow-up tweet. “This was my last straw.”

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Maya Jama and Leonardo DiCaprio dating rumors

The rumors initially started when The Sun reported that Maya Jama and Leonardo DiCaprio were discreetly dating. A source said, “Maya and Leo are in regular contact and have been on a string of dates. They have both recently come out of long-term Relationships so neither of them are rushing into anything — they are having fun and seeing how it goes.” The source added, “They live in different countries and Maya has had a long ­distance relationship before and knows it’s tough, so they are taking things a day at a time.” The insider also mentioned how Leo has been wooing Maya and loved spending time with her. Maya and Leo have been connected through mutual acquaintances, and they have had a few encounters with each other. They were spotted partying together in London. 

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