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If you’re on TikTok, it was virtually impossible to miss the “mascaragate” drama of the past week. (It’s only been a week?!) The whole thing involves L’Oréal Paris’ new Telescopic Lift Mascara
. The affordable mascara promises to lift your lashes with its unique “double-hook bristle brush.” I knew I had to try it. Now, if your FYP is on something different than beauty drama, here’s the TL; DR. Buckle, up. It’s a wild ride.

Everyone’s fave creator Mikayla Nogueira reviewed the drugstore mascara as a paid post for L’Oréal. She showed the camera how to apply the mascara and cut to the finished look. Her lashes looked great but a bit fuller than expected and much fuller than any mascara has the power to create. Fans quickly accused her of using fake lashes even after she said she didn’t in the comments. The video now has more than 48 million views and a conversation was started about ads and authenticity.

I don’t know if Nogueira used falsies to amplify her final look. But I will say, the whole thing made me want to try the mascara.

LOreal Paris Telescopic Lengthening Volumizing I Tried the TikTok Viral Drugstore Mascara Involved in Mascaragate & Im Surprised

L’Oreal Paris.

If you’re a fan of L’Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous Mascara ($8.98 at Amazon) and/or Lash Paradise Mascara ($7.74 at Amazon
), you know the company does affordable mascara very well. That’s not to mention how great Maybelline mascara is, which is under the L’Oréal umbrella. So, I had an idea that Telescopic Lift was going to be good but I’m pretty picky about mascara as a whole.


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I didn’t try it before I gave it a shot on TikTok. I wanted this to be a totally blind review. I followed the directions and applied the mascara to my lashes with the flat side and “lifted” them by brushing through with the bristles. And WOW. I didn’t expect my lashes to look so long. It was a little messy when I applied it to my small lower lashes so just be careful there.

LOreal Paris Telescopic Lengthening Volumizing I Tried the TikTok Viral Drugstore Mascara Involved in Mascaragate & Im Surprised

Elizabeth Denton.

I’d say this is more of a lifting and lengthening mascara than a thick volumized one. But I love it. It’s maybe as good as my favorite drugstore mascara, Maybelline Sky High.
(That’s a bold statement from me.) Even better, the length lasted all day without smudging or flaking. It’s so good, I’m actually surprised it’s still in stock — and cheaper on Amazon
than I’ve seen anywhere else, since it’s currently on sale. Grab it now while you can.

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