You guys, Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein doesn’t have enough money to take care of her two kids. Lisa has been struggling financially since her estranged physician husband took his wallet and aimed it at Lisa 2.0, the new and improved model. Now Lisa faces a future of wondering where her next Hermés bag is coming from while trying to put food on the table.

This is where one might think, hey, Lisa could use her RHOM salary to help fund her portion of the kids’ needs. Unfortunately, Bravo is paying her mere pennies, which doesn’t satisfy Lisa’s fiscal requirements. According to Page Six, those children cost a lot more than Lisa is earning. They must be eating some chicken nuggets filled with gold, but let’s hear Lisa’s plight of poverty.

In an effort to receive more money on a monthly basis, Lisa is getting a job! No, I’m kidding, we don’t deal in fantasy here. Lenny Hochstein’s soon-to-be ex-wife filed new court documents requesting alimony. The papers state her “part-time” employment on RHOM is not enough to pay for her and the kids’ fancy-people lifestyle.

The docs read, “She [Lisa] has primarily been a homemaker and mother throughout the parties’ marriage.” I have to assume the term “homemaker” is used in the broadest context possible here. “[Lenny] has significant and substantial assets and earns millions of dollars a year as [a] successful plastic surgeon.” Yes, Lisa was quite aware of this at the beginning of the marriage.

It continued, “Without [Lenny’s] contribution, [Lisa] cannot provide the needs and necessities of life as they were established during the marriage.” No one make the mistake of asking Lisa to tone down her desire for mink eyelashes and diamond-shaped ice cubes so more money can go towards the future education of her children. But I suppose once you live like a queen, it’s hard to adjust when your crown is snatched.

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In legal papers filed around October 2022, Lenny admitted Lisa earns about $30k per episode of RHOM. Prayer circles for Lisa’s destitution are being formed across the United States at this time. Along with Lisa’s “need of temporary alimony,” she wants Lenny to continue his payment of her medical and dental insurance. This would include “non-covered medical, dental, and eye care” for Lisa, which could get kind of muddy depending on how much preventative maintenance she does to her face. She also requests temporary child support and wants Lenny to pay for the children’s health care as well.

Lisa’s lawyer is no dummy, she wants both the alimony and child support paid retroactively to the Date of filing. Despite Lenny and Lisa’s prenup clearly stating she has to leave the big house in the event of a divorce, Lisa has stayed put. She further requested “exclusive use and occupancy” of the home for herself and the kids.

Lenny responded to Lisa’s filing with, “I pay for everything currently. I even paid for her recent vacation to Colorado with the kids, but instead of a ‘thank you,’ which I never expected, I get claims that I do not pay for child support or health insurance? Simply not true.”

Lisa wasn’t happy Lenny tried to claim payment for her latest Aspen trip. She replied, “My top priority remains my children. To be clear, Lenny didn’t pay for any of my travel. My boyfriend took me on vacation and even spent money for my children’s travel and expenses as Lenny fought paying his share.”

At this time Lisa has not requested any of Lenny’s childhood memories or vital organs. Hopefully, the children are making it through their parents’ mess and will remain blissfully ignorant until the adults resolve their issues.


[Photo Credit: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]

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