Lindsay Arnold ‘Can’t Believe’ She Got Special Moment on Video



A DWTS pro shared a new video of her toddler.

A “Dancing With the Stars” pro was filming with her daughter when she caught a precious — and hilarious — moment on film.

Lindsay Arnold was recording a video with her 2-year-old daughter Sage as they were toasting some waffles. Sage was sitting on the counter waiting for the toaster to finish but when the waffles popped up, the noise startled her. Arnold saved the video and uploaded it to TikTok before sharing it on her Instagram feed.

“Can’t believe I caught this on camera,” Arnold said. In the video, Sage jumps and then buries her head in her mom’s arm, and covers her eyes with her hands. Arnold couldn’t help but laugh because of her daughter’s unexpected reaction.

“It’s okay, honey,” Arnold tells her little girl through her laughter. Sage didn’t really cry and she appeared just fine at the end of Arnold’s video.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to the Video on Social Media

After Arnold shared the video of a frightened Sage on TikTok and Instagram, dozens of fans commented on both platforms, many getting a laugh out of Sage’s reaction.

“She knew it was going to “pop out” too and it still scared her?!?! Don’t feel bad about laughing. It was more of a situational laughing. I’ve laughed at my kids plenty of times,” one Instagram comment read.

“Me every time I open the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls tube,” someone else joked.

“She needs to be in a waffle commercial. Love her so much,” a third person wrote.

“Sage you are such a sweet and beautiful little girl. I felt sorry for her the fear in her eyes. Lindsay it was cute and funny she will know what to expect next time,” a fourth said.

Many Fans Have Enjoyed Watching Sage Grow Up

Although Arnold has received her fair share of criticism for filming much of her private life for social media, the majority of fans have really enjoyed watching Sage grow up.

Arnold has Sage enrolled in dance classes and swimming classes, and often shares all kinds of updates about her toddler. On March 23, 2023, Arnold shared a get ready with me type of video on TikTok and many fans couldn’t believe how grown up Sage is.

“I can’t believe she’s only 2 she’s so smart,” one TikTok user wrote.

“She’s literally the cutest human on the planet,” read another comment.

The DWTS pro and her husband, Sam Cusick, are expecting another baby girl in May 2023, and Arnold has also shared plenty of updates on her Pregnancy as well.

For example, on March 14, 2023, Arnold took to her Instagram Stories to let fans know what her baby is breech.

“If you don’t know, Sage was breech, so I had to have a C-section. She was breech starting at 32 weeks and she just never flipped,” Arnold said. “Baby girl number two is actually breech right now, as well. I’ll be 32 weeks on Friday,” she told her followers. Arnold said there’s still time for baby to flip, but she’s prepared for any birth scenario.

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