Lily Allen Thought David Harbour Was a 'Sexy Policeman' Before They Met

Lily Allen has opened up about how she first met her now husband, Stranger Things star David Harbour.

The -year-old musician and actress, who wed David in 2020, actually met him through Dating App Raya, but didn’t actually know he starred on Stranger Things at all.

Instead, Lily admits she thought he was a policeman.

Keep reading to find out why!

During her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show this week, Lily shared that it was David‘s pictures on his profile that made her think he was a cop.

“It was the first time I’d been on this Dating app. I was scrolling through and landed on David’s profile and pressed accept,” she shared. “I didn’t know who he was. I thought he was just like a sexy policeman from a reality TV show. He was wearing a policeman’s uniform. It was a still from Stranger Things. I’d never seen Stranger Things.”

After meeting though, Lily added that their connection was “pretty instant.”

“He was sitting underneath a clock. It was a little bit like that moment in ‘Titanic,’ when [Jack] turns around under the clock. It was a little bit like that for me,” she shared.

Just recently, David opened up about the exact moment he fell for Lily.


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