Kourtney Kardashian and Relationship-1216622″>Travis Barker’s wedding special includes a few tributes to the reality star’s late father, Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003 at the age of 59. First, Kris Jenner handed Kourtney a special present to honour her father during one of the pre-wedding gatherings.

Why she was not ready to be married

Kournety never had the heart to get married because she was scared to feel her father’s absence, knowing he wouldn’t be there to walk her down the aisle, which tormented her from ever committing marriage.

Even when she got married to Travis, her mother, Kris Jenner, handed over her father’s wedding ring, which kept her at ease and made her feel complete. She also mentions how important that ring was for her and how it kept the memory of her father alive in her.

Past marriages of Kourtney Kardashian

Despite being married to Scott Disick for nearly ten years and having three children with him, Kourtney always had doubts about marrying him. However, everything changed when she met Travis in the fall of 2020.

The Couple got engaged the following year and got married in May 2022. Kris escorted Kourtney down the aisle for her and Travis’ third wedding, which took place in Portofino, Italy.

Kourtney’s thoughts on how her dad and husband, Travis Barker

“My dad would have loved Travis,” Kourtney said emphatically. “Travis reminds me of my father in the strangest ways.” I’m at a loss for words. I sensed his presence and, I believe, a sense of tranquilly.

I simply felt fantastic. I said, “I’m ready.” It simply felt perfect. During his address to Kourtney at their wedding reception, Travis again alluded to Robert. He added, “I know you’re here in spirit, and you’re very pleased.

Travis Barker holds strong respect and love for his parents.

Travis, like Kourtney, lost a parent at a young age when his mom died when he was only a teenager. He also claimed to have felt her presence on his wedding day.

“Before I even saw [Kourtney], I felt emotional,” Travis revealed of the wedding. “I’m like, ‘S***, it’s about to collapse.’ “I’m sure I won’t be able to say my vows without crying.’ But I was reassured that I was doing the right thing. I was in tears the moment I left that room [to walk down the aisle]. I was praying and conversing with my mother.”

When they talk, it reflects how much the two adore and love their parents. As the duo is immensely in love, it is quiet noticeable when the two post an end number of pictures and display their love proudly without feeling shy about it.

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