You know what they say, a king is nothing without his queen…

King Charles III and Queen Camilla have a complicated past, to say the least, but if you ask anyone who knows them, they’d probably tell you it was all worth it because they really are the perfect pair. (Just sucks Princess Diana had to go through what she did before they officially got together… just sayin’!)

Ahead of the coronation next month, a source close to the palace told People on Thursday that Camilla is a calming effect on her hubby, revealing:

“She is the yin to his yang. She is the type to say, ‘It’ll all be fine; let’s crack on and get on with things.’”


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Royal biographer Christopher Wilson, who studied the Couple while writing the book A Greater Love, also told the outlet that Camilla soothes Charles in a way nobody else can. He dished:

“Her presence reassures him. Despite all the trappings of majesty, it’s cold and lonely at the top, and it’s easy to see the comfort she provides him.”

The 75-year-old’s calming effect was on full display when His Majesty became visibly frustrated over a leaky pen during a signing ceremony in Ireland last September. A video went viral at the time of the 74-year-old nearly throwing a tantrum when he got ink on his finger. As he threw a fit over the minor inconvenience, Camilla merely stepped in and continued on with the required task. Take a look:

LOLz! Recalling that hilarious moment, royal photographer Arthur Edwards noted:

“She calmed him down. She’s got an amazing way to soothe him.”

Arthur went on to insist Camilla also brings a sense of levity to everything she does, adding:

“She never lost her common touch. She makes him laugh. When something triggers them, you see them just laughing together. They do things with such enthusiasm.”

It all sounds so perfect — until you remember the couple’s rocky past. As Perezcious readers may know, Charles and Camilla met in 1970 through a mutual friend. Only problem? The then-Prince of Wales was told to find a virginal bride and so he went on to marry Princess Diana a few years later while Camilla linked up with Andrew Parker Bowles. Unfortunately, the romance never ended…

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Prince Harry and Prince William‘s mother even famously said “there were three of us in the marriage,” and the media quickly branded Camilla as “the most hated woman in Britain.” So, it’s pretty remarkable she’s about to officially become Queen!

After a lot of rehabilitation on her image in the public eye, Charles and Camilla got married in 2005 and she’s been making an effort to be supportive of the monarchy ever since. She also seems to have a clear understanding of her role, she told The Australian Women’s Weekly:

“I learned that your place is several feet behind the monarch. You’re there as a backup.”

Oof… We know not every woman who’s married into the royal family has loved this ideology, so this sorta seems like a dig at someone! Either way, Camilla certainly proved herself to one of her harshest critics, Queen Elizabeth II, and during one of Her Majesty’s final letters to the public, she said it was her “sincere wish” for her daughter-in-law to be known as Queen Consort when Charles acceded one day. Camilla has really come a long way!

It’s a good thing Charles has such a good companion by his side considering the immense amount of new responsibility he now has on his shoulders — not to mention the ongoing family feud which must take up so much of his mental energy. Thoughts??

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