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Katie Holmes understands the risks of being a style maven: you win some, you lose some. And she’s not afraid to speak out on her viral fashion moments either, even the ones that had fans scratching their heads, like her ‘dress-over-the-jeans’ look at December’s Jingle Ball concert. It appeared the reaction to this particular outfit gave her pause, however, as she broke her silence on it during an April interview with Glamour. “Come on, women, let’s hold each other up here,” the Dawson’s Creek alum, 44, said. “Let’s look a little bit past what we’re wearing.”

Katie Holmes discussed her viral Jingle Ball concert look from December 2022. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Worn on the red carpet of the celebrity-filled holiday concert in Los Angeles, the outfit in question (above) featured a navy blue dress, later to be confirmed a bustier, over a pair of baggy jeans with a set of sneakers The Y2K-inspired, Joey Potter-ish look, complete with a silver nose ring, had some praising the star, but most were slamming her. Even The New York Times waded into the controversy. Katie told Glamour that the online vitriol over the wardrobe — including the call for the actress to be incarcerated — was “shocking.” She explained, “I feel like the woman’s journey is deeper.”

As for why her fans seem a bit obsessed with what she’s wearing all the time, Katie said she doesn’t really understand it. “I really don’t know. I enjoy [fashion]. I mean, I enjoy the craftsmanship. I enjoy putting things together. And I work with [stylist] Brie Welch, and she’s very detail oriented, and that inspires me,” she explained. “I think it is very creative. I love vintage shopping. I love the art of design.”

The Ohio native is taking her pro-woman approach to her film projects as well, as she dished on her upcoming movie Rare Objects, of which she co-wrote the screenplay, based on the 2016 Kathleen Tessaro novel. “I felt like that theme of female friendship was so powerful in the book, and that’s what I really wanted to focus on in the film,” she told the outlet.

She’s not only acting in the film she adapted, but it’ll be her third time directing! Rare Objects premieres on April 14.

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