Kailyn Lowry


Kailyn Lowry

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry shared a series of selfies from her recent birthday trip to Thailand on March 28 on her Instagram page. Lowry is showing off her body in the photos, and the former MTV star responded to fans who asked her personal questions in the comment section.

“Ok spill diet secrets..ozempic?” one fan commented, which attracted more commenters to reply, with one user adding, “pretty sure she got a bbl [Brazilian Butt Lift]” and another writing, “its called plastic surgery” to which Lowry replied directly, clearing things up by writing, “I haven’t had surgery in 6 years.”

See Lowry’s post below.

Kailyn Lowry Plastic Surgery History


Several users came to Lowry’s defense in the comment section after claims that suggested she was either taking Ozempic or had a Brazilian butt lift, with one writing, “Y’all are so messy and rude! Did y’alls parents not raise you with manners? Even if she did get any type of surgery WHO CARES! She looks beautiful women are suppose to uplift each other not tare them down. And I’m pretty sure she’s worked hard for where she is today and I hope she feels confident because like I said she looks beautiful 💛”.

Although Lowry is denying any recent plastic surgery rumors, she has previously opened up about her journey with plastic surgery, having undergone a full-body plastic surgery makeover in 2016, including the Brazilian butt lift that fans are saying she got in these Instagram comments.

At the time, Lowry worked with celebrity surgeon Dr. Miami (whose real name is Dr. Michael Salzhauer) and had liposuction in her neck, as well as a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift, which is when fat is taken from elsewhere in the body and injected into the butt to enhance it. Lowry also made over her smile with a full set of veneers, as well as lip injections.

Lowry wrote about her decision to get plastic surgery in her 2016 book, “Hustle and Heart”, in which Lowry stated, “My decision to get plastic surgery came down to one simple thing: I’m human. I care how I look. I knew that being satisfied with my outer appearance would give me the confidence I needed to face the world head on. For me, the things that I wanted to change about my body were nagging little distractions from the deeper missions I wanted to work on.”

What is Ozempic?

While Lowry directly addressed the plastic surgery claims, she left the question as to whether she is taking Ozempic open-ended. Ozempic is a diabetes medication that, in recent months, has been gaining popularity as a weight loss drug, as it has the same active ingredient as weight loss medication Wegovy. According to the New York Times, the increased popularity of Ozempic caused a shortage in the drug’s availability in the Fall of 2022.

Dr. Disha Narang, an endocrinologist at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital who served on an advisory panel for Ozempic and Wegovy’s manufacturer Novo Nordisk, shared her worries that the drugs were becoming associated with “vanity” and that over time these uses for weight loss would detract from those who use the medications as a necessary diabetes treatment.

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