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Kailyn Lowry

“Can you share with everybody the text that you sent me [on] day 2? What did you touch that you weren’t supposed to?”

“Teen Mom 2” alumna Kailyn Lowry just got back from a week-long birthday trip to Thailand with her friend and nanny Natalie. Kailyn dedicated a whole episode of her “Barely Famous” podcast to discussing the trip, and partway through the March 31 episode, her assistant (and occasional co-host) Kristen Correia asked the reality star to share a particular text message and story from her trip that ended with Kailyn in the hospital.

Kailyn Lowry Pet Stray Cats in Thailand

Lowry explained that the story of her hospital visit began when she “went on an excursion. And on this excursion, there were kittens and monkeys co-existing happily with […] all the people.”

Lowry said she wanted to feed the cats after falling in love with them, but that she quickly regretted this decision. “I do not recommend touching, feeding, doing anything outside of looking at the animals in another country because I was feeding the cat and it was so f***ing hungry and I did not pull my hand away fast enough and it did bite my finger on accident.”

Since the cats did not have a specific owner, Lowry had to ask around to learn that the cats were not treated for rabies, and as such, “Now I have to go do all of the rabies protocol, and I will be in the hospital because they need to evaluate my bite and decide what the treatment will be for said unknown rabies status. They also asked me if I’ve ever had a tetanus vaccine.”

Lowry’s advice to future travelers? “This is my PSA: Do not touch the wild animals. The doctors did say ‘Thank god it wasn’t a monkey,’” as Kailyn said monkeys are much more daring when it comes to getting food from locals and tourists, including biting, scratching, and stealing food directly from passersby.

Fans noticed something was potentially wrong on Kailyn’s trip when she shared a hospital selfie on Snapchat, that shows Kailyn, with a face mask half-on, looking down at the camera with the caption, “don’t pet the stray animals”. One fan screenshotted and shared this selfie to a “Teen Mom” discussion page on Reddit, where another user shared their own advice in the comment section, writing, “I did a study abroad in Thailand. Like an hour of the orientation was about not petting stray dogs. No joke. basically they were like you will get bitten and get rabies and die.”

Kailyn Lowry is Celebrating 1 Year of Her ‘Barely Famous’ Podcast

Kailyn’s “Barely Famous” podcast is one year old, as the former “Teen Mom” star shared in a March 24 Instagram post, taking a minute to thank those who are involved in her podcast, as well as the fans who tune in to listen every week.

“I have loved this journey so much & learn ways to improve every single recording. Y’all never cease to amaze me with your support (& constructive criticism) 🤍🙏🏼 I had no idea what I was doing after I left ‘Teen Mom’ for good & that was so scary for me. I truly thank you all for tuning into my bullshit weekly and allowing me to continue doing this. […] Not me acting like this is an award acceptance speech 🥲 but seriously. It’s been so fun for people to listen to a more unfiltered version of me and my story & allowing me to continue to do what I love. 🥳”

In addition to “Barely Famous”, Kailyn co-hosts two other podcasts, “Coffee Convos” with her friend Lindsie Chrisley and “Baby Mamas No Drama” with her friend and oldest son Isaac’s stepmother Vee Rivera.

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