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Joshua Jackson revealed that sometimes learning you’re trending can be a nerve-wracking experience. The actor, 44, was clearly relieved to see that it was just over one of his classic scenes from Dawson’s CreekJoshua responded to a tweet with the viral clip from the beloved teen drama, where he gets hit in the face by a basketball while providing some more commentary on the scene.

The scene in question features James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery charging into a gym and seeing Joshua as Pacey Witter. As Dawson sees Pacey, he tosses a basketball at him, and it hits him directly in the face, and it really looks like it hurts. A fan shared the clip and wrote, “This shot in Dawson’s Creek is blowing my mind.”

Joshua joked that his castmates on his current project had informed him that he was trending on Twitter, but they didn’t explain much else. He responded to the clip by saying he was afraid at first. “They told me on set. I was trending on Twitter and I got really nervous for a second,” he tweeted.

Besides sharing, Joshua also shed some light on the scene, informing a fan that they definitely didn’t use CGI to emulate the basketball hitting him in the face. He also responded to a commenter who wrote out how the shot was likely filmed with a pointing emoji. “This was 199(7?) we were definitely not using cgi,” he wrote.

Joshua responded to the viral scene with a humorous tweet. (Courtesy Everett Collection)

When a fan asked if he could provide more insight into the scene, Josh also had a humorous response, assuring that neither he nor his character was hurt during the shot. “No Pacey’s we’re harmed in the filming of this scene,” he responded.

It’s not clear what project Date-night-photo/” data-analytics-trigger=”article-body-link”>Joshua was on set for when he learned he was trending, but his fans can see him in the upcoming thriller mini-series Fatal Attraction with Lizzy Caplan at the end of April. The new show will feature him as Dan Gallagher and it will premiere on April 30.

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