Proving that hip-hop can contain a mixture of styles and genres, Jay Americana brings it for their addicting new EP, titled “555”. The five track collection explores the nightlife world. It follows the lead single from the EP titled “sweat”.

Jay Americana, real name Jay Douglas, is an Atlanta-based hip-hop genre-bending recording artist. He embraces their freedom of expression, their queerness, and their somber reflection. In doing so, he makes an impact with their music, creating their own path in the industry that is both valid and influential. He is consistently rising in the hip-hop world, already gaining 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with tens of thousands of streams for their music, while their latest single, “sweat”, is already their most-streamed song, to Date.

Talking about the EP, Jay Americana said: “‘555’ explores nightlife from the parties, the moments of intimacy, all the way to the hangover. I wanted to explore every emotion from that perspective. With musical influences from drum and bass, house, and more, this EP is the definition of ‘crying in the club’.”

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Written by Jay Douglas, “555” really allows this queer artist to shine and puts their stamp on the hip-hop industry, determined to prove that there is space for queer artists in this genre. He kicks the EP off with their hit song “sweat”, effortlessly transporting the listeners onto the dancefloor of a club, with raging drum and bass beats that attacks the rhythm from the get-go, whilst the lyrics fully describes a club scene at times, also showcasing their strong cocky attitude that makes us want to go clubbing with Jay Americana. “lucky strike” follows next, keeping the pulsing dance beat with a thicker rap flow that showcases Jay Americana’s versatile vocal skills as well as their songwriting ability as he manages to conceptualise living to the fullest whilst also being aware that we’ve all only got one life. Also, the track appeals to the LGBTQ+ community and Lady Gaga fans as it samples her incredible quote, “bus plane club another club no sleep”, that we all know about and love.

Switching up the EP with a more pop vibe is the third track “parasite” which has a subtler drum and bass melody flowing through it as Jay Americana delves emotionally in with their lyrics of wanting to metaphorically be in someone’s skin, wanting to feel what they feel and what they know, as he twists the narrative of falling too hard for someone and how that can destroy you. “Actress” is the next song where Jay Americana touches on the subject of the friends he has lost to drug addiction, to which he said is still a sore subject for them; the beat non-stop flows and their voice is superb, matching the beat and effortlessly making a statement whilst actor and producer, Connor Jones, provides backing vocals. Lastly, “last call” finishes the EP, stripping it back and giving a much more somber tone full of reflection and a driving acoustic guitar beat with emotional lyrics touching upon loneliness to which many listeners will be able to relate to, combined with the end of a night out.

Check out our favourite tracks, “sweat” and “lucky strike” from the EP on Spotify here:

“555”, the new EP by Jay Americana, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Camp.

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