Long Lost Family viewers were left sobbing last night (April 4) over a heartbreaking revelation about long-lost siblings who had been reunited on the ITV show was revealed.

Joselyn first appeared on the show last year with hopes of finding her birth mother after she was abandoned as a baby. Born profoundly deaf, Joselyn was worried that her mother may have abandoned her due to her deafness.

While Joselyn’s birth mother sadly passed away, she did discover a maternal half-brother, James, who she reunited with. He confirmed their mother was “very, very poor” and didn’t feel like she could care for a new baby.

In a What Happened Next version of Long Lost Family, Joselyn discovered she had another long-lost sibling on her paternal side.

Joselyn is shocked on Long Lost Family
Joselyn was shocked to discover she had another sibling (Credit: ITV)

Long Lost Family: Woman discovers a second long-lost sibling

After discovering a sibling on her maternal side, Joselyn still had questions about her paternal side of her family and wanted to look into it. On a DNA database, Joselyn discovered a new match which had no connection to James, meaning it was a paternal connection.

The DNA match led to Joselyn discovering she had a half-sister named Trish. While Joselyn’s father, Peter, had passed away, Trish was enthusiastic about meeting her half-sister. Joselyn’s sister Trish had no idea about Joselyn’s existence because she never knew her father as he walked out on the family when she was little.

Trish had two other siblings, including a twin sister who had sadly already passed away. She confirmed that discovering Joselyn was a “very happy surprise” after losing her other siblings.

I might have passed her in the street and not even known who she was.

Trish now lives in Spain, but viewers were left emotional over the heartbreaking revelation that they were born in the same town.

Nicky Campbell confirmed that Joselyn was also born and lived in Otley, West Yorkshire. Trish admitted: “Oh god, I might have passed her in the street and not even known who she was. That just means so much to me. I want to give Joselyn piece of mind. She did have a father, but unfortunately, he treated her as he treated us.”

Joselyn and Trish hug on Long Lost Family
Long Lost Family viewers were left sobbing as Joselyn and Trish met (Credit: ITV)

Viewers sobbed as the long-lost siblings met

Davina McCall told Joselyn: “We have found your sister. You have the same father.”

Joselyn was shocked to discover she had more siblings, and was excited to meet her sister Trish. Joselyn and Trish finally had an emotional meeting, and both sobbed when they met each other. And many viewers of the ITV show joined them in tears.

One viewer wrote: “Anyone crying along??” A second viewer added: “Joselyn is so lovely. I wanted to cry when her and her sister walked off hand in hand at the end.” Another fan admitted: “Bloody hell, Watching @longlostfamily. Does me in every bloody time.” A fourth fan said: “Absolutely quality stuff, must be tough but immensely rewarding, keep it coming.”

An update at the end of the episode said: “The sisters are in regular contact, and Joselyn is hoping to visit Trish in Spain soon.”

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