ITV confirms John Simm drama Grace is coming back for series 4

Grace series 3 has come to an end, but the story is far from over – so fans will be thrilled to know detective Roy Grace will be back for series 4.

The detective drama is based on the bestselling novels of Peter James, and there are plenty more to adapt (currently 19 in total).

And luckily ITV has commissioned another set of the books for adaptation.

Here’s what we know so far!

***Warning: spoilers from series 3 finale ahead***

Grace series 4 is coming soon!
John Simm and Richie Campbell will be back in Grace series 4 (Credit: BritBox/ITV)

Grace series 4 is happening!

ITV has confirmed that Grace will be back with series 4 at some point in the future. A spokesperson for the channel told ED! that the popular John Simm drama is “going into production in a few weeks time”.

We know that series 4 will contain four feature-length films. The new series is expected to be inspired by the novels Dead Man’s Time, Want You Dead, You Are Dead, and Love You Dead.

In an interview with ED! ahead of series 3 starting, John Simm revealed he’d be “quite happy” to play DSI Roy Grace for the next 10 years!

He said: “It’s out of our hands, I guess. I would be quite happy to film all the Peter James books. I love doing it; I love the crew and cast. It’s a great gig to be on. If we do a good enough job, we’re up for filming all of them. They are great books and we want to see them all on screen. I think we’re going to crack on and do series 5, and film another four next year.

“My fear is that we’re going to catch up with the books. But Peter James is quite prolific.”

How did series 3 end?

The closing scenes of Grace series 3 saw Roy’s wife Sandy walk into the house she shared with him before her frankly very weird disappearance. Viewers saw her take hair from a brush (Roy uses a hairbrush!?) and put it into an envelope clearly marked paternity.

We know she has a son who is around 10 years old – and Sandy has been missing for the same amount of time. So we can only guess that Sandy’s son could be Roy’s. Which makes her vanishing act even more confusing! Why would she have disappeared if she was Pregnant?

News about the missing Sandy has been “drip-fed” into each episode of Grace. And his estranged wife has recently been a lot closer than Roy could ever have imagined.

We also learnt in the finale of series 3, entitled Not Dead Yet, that Roy’s new partner Cleo is pregnant. So has Roy Grace become a dad twice in the space of a few minutes? All will be revealed in future series of Grace!

CRAIG PARKINSON as DS Norman Potting and LAURA ELPHINSTONE as DS Bella Moy in Grace series 3
Actors Craig Parkinson as DS Norman Potting and Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy in Grace (Credit: ITV1)

Who will star in the cast?

John Simm will be returning as Roy Grace, opposite Richie Campbell as DS Glenn Branson

Meanwhile, Craig Parkinson will reprise his role as DS Norman Potting,  opposite his onscreen love interest Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy.

Zoë Tapper returns as Roy Grace’s partner Cleo Morey, who we’re expecting to have a cute baby bump in series 4.

Of course, Clare Calbraith will also return as the mysterious Sandy, Roy’s long lost first wife.

As usual, each feature-length episode will welcome a different guest cast.

Series 3 included Thomas Coombes as creepy taxi driver Johnny Kerridge.

When will Grace series 4 start?

The first series of Grace was broadcast in March 2021, followed by series two in May 2022, and series three began on March 19 this year.

So we expect to series 4 to land around the same time, in spring 2024.

Watch this space for more updates.

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Grace series 1 to 3 are currently available to watch on ITVX.

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