Is Kendall Jenner still not over her ex Devin Booker amid romance rumors with Bad Bunny? Fans think so

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny have been making headlines for the last Couple of months for their newfound romance. From their horseback riding dates to public display of affection, the couple has quickly become the talk of town. Recently, Kendall Jenner was even spotted dancing to Bad Bunny’s 2023 Coachella set and in a viral video they were even spotted showing affection towards each other during the same festival.  

However, now some fans have been accusing Kendall Jenner of being stuck in the past with her ex boyfriend Devin Booker. Here is why.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

As Kendall Jenner’s Relationship with Bad Bunny has been getting more serious, Kardashians fans have noticed that the 27 year old model still has the pictures of Devin Booker posted on her social media. One of the pictures seems to be a sentimental snap in which Kendall was embracing Devin during a winter escape. Some fans think that the 27 year old model’s reluctance to delete pictures with her ex boyfriend might be because she still has feelings for him. Some even said that Jenner might want to get back together with her ex basketball player boyfriend.

However, fans quickly rushed to defend Kendall Jenner along with providing possible reasoning. One person wrote, ‘I think deleting every photo makes you seem MORE obsessed than just quietly moving on and leaving everything up’ while the other person commented, ‘I still have photos of my ex up. I don’t see the importance of deleting photos’.

Kendall Jenner and Dating-rumour-confuses-fans-after-a-picture-of-the-duo-goes-viral-1212601″>Devin Booker first sparked dating speculation in 2020 when they were spotted hanging out together. Their relationship had been tumultuous with several breakups before ending it for good in November 2022.

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