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Iowa Women’s Basketball Star Caitlin Clark Defends LSU Player Angel Reese Amid Backlash For ‘Trash Talking’ + Declines First Lady Jill Biden’s Controversial Invite To The White House After Losing Championship Game

Future WNBA’er Caitlin Clark is giving her opinion on the recent controversy in women’s college basketball.

Following criticism of her rival Angel Reese’s on-court behavior, Caitlin Clark defended her fellow athlete, stating a little banter is part of the game. Additionally, the 21-year-old addressed being invited to the White House’s championship celebration by First Lady Jill Biden despite losing the game, ignoring an honor historically reserved for the winners.

The University of Iowa player appeared on ESPN earlier today (Apr. 4), where she condemned those who had a problem with the ladies’ competitive behavior. In case you aren’t familiar with the story, University of Iowa faced off against LSU at the NCAA’s Women’s Basketball Championship this past Sunday (April 2nd) and lost to the southern team. During the game, LSU star Angel Reese made John Cena’s popular “you can’t see me” gesture toward Caitlin Clark a Couple of times, a motion that many have deemed inappropriate and unsportsmanlike.

However, Clark has recently opposed said narrative. During the interview, she defended both herself and Reese’s grit behaviors, stating:

“I don’t think Angel should be criticized at all…I’m just one that competes and she competed….I think everybody knew that there was going to be a little trash talk in the entire tournament it’s not just me and Angel, so I don’t think she should criticized…I’m a big fan of hers.”

Angel Reese

Additionally, Clark shared her thoughts on controversially being invited to the recurring championship celebration hosted at the White House. Following the game, First Lady Jill Biden received a wave of criticism after suggesting both teams should attend the prestigious event, as Iowa “played such a good game.” The comment drew major backlash, as the invite has historically only been given to the winning team. Speaking on the invite, Clark stated:

“I don’t think runner-ups usually go to the White House. I think LSU should enjoy that moment for them…They deserve to go…maybe I can go to the White House on different terms though, but I think that’s for LSU. That’s a pretty cool moment and they should enjoy every single second of being a champion so that’s their’s to do.”

Clark was sure to thank the First Lady for attending the event, however, shining light on “the greatness of women’s basketball.”


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