INNA, a Romanian superstar shared the first part of her upcoming album “Just Dance.” INNA took her creative process into a new level by composing and producing the LP in just 16 days. The singer-songwriter spent over two weeks isolated with her crew in the Dance Queen’s House in order to create one-of-a-king music experience. With “Just Dance” INNA is revealing her signature vibe, but also introducing herself as a skilled producer who is ready to experiment with her sound.

Talking about her new album “Just Dance #DQH1”, INNA says: “Every time I release an album, I feel tremendous tension! With a new sound, a refresh of INNA from the past, the album complements this year’s tour on the stages of the biggest electro dance festivals around the world, including Romania. “Just Dance” is definitely an important step in my evolution as an artist. My team and I thank you for your support.”

After releasing many singles in the past, INNA now dives deeper than ever into her own story, greatly inspired by her personal experience. INNA’s authenticity is as inspiring as the energy she shares with listeners through groovy songs that bring together lifeful dance and bouncy R&B in a perfect fit. “Just Dance” sees INNA delivering a dreamy, hazy, and sublime soundscapes of pop, and electronics that are all about to top the charts.

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