Jordan Fisher was diagnosed with an eating disorder when his wife was Pregnant.

Jordan Fisher lost 30 lbs when his wife was pregnant

Jordan Fisher lost 30 lbs when his wife was pregnant

The 28-year-old actor tied the knot with Ellie Woods in 2020 and now has 10-month-old son Riley with her but has revealed that when his wife was expecting the little one, it became “difficult” for him to eat because of the magnitude of the situation.

Speaking on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, he said: “We were four months pregnant, five months pregnant [and] I always wanted to be a dad. [I] knew that I was about to achieve that goal and take on the biggest and best project of my life with my partner [and] my best. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder that I did not know I had. I just knew that I had reflux and all of these things that were making it difficult for me to eat.”

The ‘Teen Beach Movie’ star – who says he is much “stronger” these days – went on to explain that he lost 30lbs in total and even though he was able to navigate his way out of his struggles, did not speak out about it at all until he sat down with the actress-turned-chat show host.

He added: “My last couple months of [a work] contract were very, very difficult physical times for me. I lost 30 pounds [and] I actually never talked about this out loud on a platform like this at all, and man, I’m so glad I made it through that desert because here we are now. I am so much stronger!”

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