If you’ve been seeing ads about a reality show that takes place in a courtroom (and James Marsden is just…there), you might be wondering how to watch Jury Duty. The FreeVee show is now available to stream, but where can you watch it?

The official synopsis describes the show as “it follows the workings of an American jury trial through the eyes of Ronald Gladden, a juror who is unaware the entire case is fake. Everyone except him is an actor, and everything that happens is carefully planned.” The show was created by The Office’s Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg.

James Marsden, the actor who you’d know from Westworld and Dead to Me, plays an exaggerated version of himself who was summoned to go to jury duty and uses his Hollywood star fame to try to get out of scenarios, but the actors do not know who he is. In an interview with E! News he talked about his role and the TV show as a whole. “I would describe this as basically, The Truman Show serving jury duty. The backdrop of the three or four weeks is all of these characters having to serve on this jury for this case. There’s me playing a heightened and entitled Hollywood version of myself. There’s a complete cast of characters playing all different kinds of characters and one guy who doesn’t know that this whole thing is fake. So in the course of four weeks, we’re serving jury duty in an abandoned courthouse that he thinks fully is an operational courthouse.” He continued saying that it wasn’t functioned to be a prank show, “There’s no dialogue that is scripted but there are circumstances are scripted that we push beats along the way and make a hero’s journey for this guy to unify a ragtag group of weirdos by the end and get to the finish line with him and it worked.”

So how can you watch Jury Duty online? Read more below to find out.

How to watch Jury Duty

Jury Duty

Image: FreeVee/Prime Video

In order to watch Jury Duty, you have to have an Amazon account to access the Amazon ad-supported streaming service Freevee on Prime Video. Once you sign up for an Amazon account, you can watch the series free of charge with ads.

Having Amazon Prime has many perks as well. If you just signed up for Amazon and don’t have a Prime Video account, the service offers a 30-day free trial. Shows included with Prime Video are The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and many more. The free trial comes with the same benefits of Amazon Prime, such as free two-day shipping, Prime Music and more. But perhaps the best part about Amazon Prime Video’s free trial is that customers can sign up for it multiple times.  According to Amazon, users can sign up for Amazon Prime Video’s free trial over and over again as long as it isn’t within the same 12 months. This means that if you if you haven’t been an Amazon Prime member for more than 12 months, you’re eligible to receive another 30 days for free. Read on for step-by-step instructions for how to sign up for Amazon Prime Video’s free trial.

  1. Visit Amazon Prime Video’s website
  2. Click “Start your 30-day free trial
  3. Enter your information and payment method, and create an account
  4. Visit Amazon Prime Video’s channels page and select the deals you want

When do Jury Duty episodes come out?

When do Jury Duty episodes come out? Jury Duty premiered on April 7, 2023, and releases two episodes every Friday. The series finale is on April 21, 2023.

Who is in the Jury Duty cast?

Jury Duty

Image: FreeVee/Prime Video

The Jury Duty cast is as follows:

  • Ronald Gladden
  • James Marsden as Himself
  • Alan Barinholtz as Judge Alan
  • Susan Berger as Barbara
  • Cassandra Blair as Vanessa
  • David Brown as Todd
  • Kirk Fox as Pat
  • Ross Kimball as Ross
  • Pramode Kumar as Ravi
  • Trisha LaFache as Debra
  • Mekki Leeper as Noah
  • Brandon Loeser as Tim
  • Edy Modica as Jeannie
  • Rashida “Sheedz” Olayiwola as Bailiff Nikki
  • Kerry O’Neill as Christine
  • Whitney Rice as Jacquilline Hillgrove
  • Maria Russell as Inez
  • Ishmel Sahid as Lonnie
  • Ben Seaward as Trevor
  • Ron Song as Ken
  • Evan Williams as Shaun

Reflecting back on their time on the comedy kind of documentary, James Marsden and Ronald Gladden talked to TV Guide, “At times, [Ronald] would say, ‘I feel like I’m on a reality show,’” Marsden said. “When he did that, we would go, ‘Hey, let’s pull everything back. Get ready for five hours of droning on in court,’ just to sort of ground it all.”

“There was a part of me that’s kind of embarrassed when I watched it, because I was like, ‘Oh, how did I not see all of this coming?” Ronald told the site just before the series premiered. “But the way that this was filmed, they had professionals at every level set this up. … So a part of me feels embarrassed. But then the other part of me looks at like the professionals that were involved in this. I’m like, well, I mean, I didn’t really stand a chance, you know?”

Director Jake Syzmanski talked about the trials of doing a show like this for the first time to Primetimer, “Almost every aspect of it was a challenge, to tell you the truth. As we plotted out how to do this, we kept saying to ourselves, ‘You know, this has really never been done before.’ And at first, it was a fun little thing to say to each other. But the more we got into the details… like, this really hasn’t been done like this before. Some of the biggest things, just on a technical level, were camera placement, microphone placement, communication with actors. Ronald believes he signed up for a documentary about the jury process, so we have some scenes where it’s obvious that the documentary crew is there filming him. But we have other scenes where there are no obvious cameras around. We have hidden cameras in places. We have microphones hidden on people who aren’t supposed to have microphones on. Just planning that out — where you need the cameras based on your best guesses of where people will be — was a constant challenge. Because on a basic level, you can plan a scene out, but you can’t write it. Because you never know exactly what Ronald is going to do.”

Jury Duty is now available to stream on Amazon FreeVee.

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