In a world filled with challenges, tenacity has become a rare commodity. Others may see giving up as the easier route when faced with trials, but not Caroline Wheaton Dinsmore. Known for her unrivaled work ethic and tenacious spirit, Caroline has long cemented her name in the real estate industry, and she is taking even greater strides to put Caroline Dinsmore & Co on the map.

The Caroline Dinsmore & Co is a company built out of resilience. Much like its founder, who overcame immeasurable odds to get to where she is today, the company is defying the impossible and is succeeding in conquering its industry. A top-of-mind choice for leading realtors in the San Francisco Peninsula, Caroline Dinsmore & Co is truly a force to reckon with, and it has been setting the bar higher since 2012, as per RealTrends.

Recently, for reaching yet another milestone when she hit exponential sales volume in 2021, Caroline was recognized as one of the Top 25 Realtors in the Bay Area. According to Luxe SF, she was also one of The Leading 100 Realtors, one of the best among all the agents from Carmel Valley through the Wine Country. 

Caroline leverages over three decades of experience to shepherd her team of seasoned real estate professionals to navigate the complexities of the industry and emerge victorious above others. Her unparalleled customer service and extensive expertise set the culture for Caroline Dinsmore & CO, leading them to sell hundreds of homes and giving each client the property of their dreams.

“It’s an honor to guide our clients through some of the biggest decisions and transactions of their lives,” Caroline said. “Real estate is so much more than buying or selling homes. It’s about developing a Relationship with our clients, advising them on all their options throughout the process to help them make the best decisions for themselves, as well as helping them build long-term wealth through real estate,” the founder added. 

A descendant of one of the founding fathers of American baseball, William Rufus Wheaton, it’s truly not surprising for Caroline to make an impact of her own. Before making her way to the peak of real estate, Caroline spent several years teaching English in Spain after graduating with a degree in History at the University of California Santa Barbara. She also worked in Silicon Valley for over a decade, well through the dot-com boom. Although working in a different field, her time in different careers honed her to be the entrepreneur she was born to be, strengthened by challenges along the way. 

Eventually, she used her experiences to enter the competitive real estate market and even survived the muddy waters of the 2008 to 2012 Financial Crisis. Caroline helped her clients through the complexities of buying or selling their perfect properties, and she has never failed to match every family with the best home.

“We are dedicated to making the process less stressful and more successful for our clients. At Caroline Dinsmore  & Co, we don’t just take care of businesses; we take care of you,” Caroline said. “The fact that I sold as much real estate as I did in 2021 when I was literally dying is absolutely insane. Against all odds, I survived. Now, my team and I are thriving. If we hadn’t put the processes in place when we did, there is no way the business could have stayed afloat. It’s a story of perseverance, pain, suffering and finding joy, happiness, and success again.”


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