How a Hot Glue Gun Became TikTok’s Most In-Demand Makeup Tool

TikTok’s latest beauty trend is coming in hot.

With more than 14.3 million views, the hashtag hot glue makeup is taking the social media platform by storm as content creators are using hot glue guns to craft unique eye and face decals.

So, how are influencers trying their hand at this trend? The idea, popularized by user @cutcreaser (née Vanessa Funes), is to squeeze the hot glue onto a flat, stainless surface and form shapes such as zig-zags, half-moons, stars, circles, etc. And once the glue dries down—please, please, please don’t place hot glue on your face or body—you peel it off, apply lash glue on the design and then stick it onto the area of your face you want to give extra oomph.

Since hot glue typically comes out clear, many TikTokers have upped the ante, taking their artistic skills to the next level by rubbing colorful chrome or shimmer shadows to their designs to give their look a pop of color.

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