Emmerdale spoilers tonight reveal that there’s heartbreak in store for Mandy Dingle as Paddy contemplates getting back together with Chas.

This comes as she discovers that Paddy and Chas kissed. Confronting his feelings for his wife, Paddy is left in a state of turmoil.

Meanwhile, Mandy tries to counsel Paddy. But will she be left heartbroken as Paddy reconciles with Chas?

And, in other spoilers for tonight’s Emmerdale, Amelia worries about her health as she discovers a worrying lump on her chest. Can she find the help and support she needs?

Elsewhere, Charity gives the people of the Woolpack a shock. How will they react to her new look?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers tonight in full below.

Mandy tells Paddy to follow his heart... but at what cost to her? (Credit: ITV)
Mandy tells Paddy to follow his heart… but at what cost to her? (Credit: ITV)

Mandy is heartbroken as Paddy contemplates giving his marriage another go

With everyone excited about Charity’s wedding, she, Mandy and Chas share a bottle of champagne in the Salon. But there’s a shock in store for Mandy.

Charity reveals that Chas and Paddy kissed – leaving Mandy shocked. As she reels from the news, she struggles to keep her feelings hidden.

Later, Bear confronts Chas about what happened the other night. Overhearing, Paddy is furious at his dad.

Chas surveys Paddy’s reaction with interest. Could he still have feelings for her?

Paddy looks thoughtful as he talks to Mandy on Emmerdale
Will Paddy realise that Mandy has feelings for him – or will he go back into Chas’s arms? (Credit: ITV)

Back at the Salon, Mandy tries to hide her feelings from Charity. Making an excuse, she rushes out.

However, she bumps into Paddy. He tells her that he doesn’t know whether he should take Chas back.

Mandy encourages Paddy to follow his heart. Then, she realises she’s forgotten to check in on Charity’s hair. She rushes back to find Charity’s hair ruined.

Later, Chas tries to talk about the kiss with Paddy. He feels even more pressured to make a decision – and is left stunned when Chas asks him to come home for good.

Will Paddy take Chas back?

Amelia looks worried as she sees Manpreet in the surgery on Emmerdale
Amelia tells Manpreet that she’s foud a worrying lump on her body (Credit: ITV)

Noah doesn’t care about Amelia’s health scare

As she talks to Victoria, Amelia worries who will look after Esther should anything happen to her. Victoria tries to reassure her, but is concerned when Amelia rushes away.

At the Surgery, Amelia goes to see Manpreet. She tells her that she’s found a lump on her chest.

She panics when Manpreet refers her on to the Breast clinic. Manpreet arranges an appointment, which leaves Amelia even more shaken.

Later on, she gets a call from the clinic. She agrees to go in for a visit the next day.

Noah watches from afar as Amelia breaks down in tears. However, he decides not to go over and see what’s up.

Upset Charity shows off her new curly look to Chas and the Woolpack on Emmerdale
Mandy’s distraction spells doom for Charity’s wedding hairdo (Credit: ITV)

Charity’s new look shocks her friends and family

Following her disastrous appointment with Mandy, Charity’s hair is ruined. She’s left looking like a curly poodle.

As she walks into the Woolpack, she’s forced to reveal her new look. The villagers are stunned at the state of her hair.

Can it be fixed before her big day?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7:30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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