Hallmark’s Jocelyn Hudon & Jake Manley Have A Really Sweet Love Story: Here’s How They Met!

Jocelyn Hudon and Jake Manley are finally starring in a Hallmark movie together, and many fans might not know that the Couple are actually married in real life!

The two actors, who previously starred in Netflix’s The Order together, actually met through their self-tape coach. However, it was at their mutual agent’s party where their Relationship really started.

“We ended up driving to our agent’s summer party together and have been together ever since,” Jocelyn previously shared with Entertainment Tonight.

Jocelyn then revealed that while it was while attending their agents’ summer party that she knew there was something more to their relationship.

“I got cold, so he brought me a sweater from his trunk. It smelled so good and fresh and I was like, ‘This is from your trunk!?’ I liked him instantly after that,” she said.

Jocelyn adds, “I think the real moment I knew he was the one was one year for New Year’s Eve, we were about to go to a party and then both said, ‘Let’s just stay home.’ We bailed and watched Lord of the Rings and made pasta and it was such a special night.”

“I love his sense of humor, we’re both goofy and we can really make each other laugh. I also love how opposite from me he is, we’re really yin and yang, which is great because we balance each other out.”

So sweet!

Jake and Jocelyn eloped to Las Vegas in 2021 and were married by an Elvis impersonator.

“I was in the middle of filming three movies back to back and we realized that Halloween — my favorite day ever — was on a Sunday, so I could fit it in my filming schedule…and then it snowballed from there,” she revealed at the time. “We actually had a surprising number of people fly in super last minute for it, which was so awesome.”

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at Jocelyn and Jake‘s movie, Love in the Maldives!

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