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Halle Bailey — Fans Call For Actress To Break Up w/ DDG After He Appeared On A Live Stream Where Someone Seemingly Mocked Her Sister Chloe For Having Low Album Sales


It looks like Halle Bailey’s fans aren’t too pleased with her boyfriend DDG.

The rapper/YouTuber recently appeared on a live stream where one of his friends seemingly made fun of Chloe Bailey‘s low album sales. Now, fans of Halle and Chloe are calling for The Little Mermaid actress to break up with DDG.

During the now-viral video clip, the friend of the “9 Lives” rapper asked,

“Is your girl’s sister single?”

He followed up with:

“Her album flopped, so she’s probably sad right now. I just want to hit her up and be like,…’hey, we all have flops out there.’ I want to console her, you know?” 

As expected, it didn’t take long for the internet to address the controversial statement. One fan of the famed sisters wrote,

“Halle don’t play about her sister & he could have handled this better. I’m glad he left but he waited too long prob laughing off camera cuz he was hiding his mouth-didn’t even confront them. Imagine what they say when cameras are off? Cuz why let them play in her face like that”

Chloe Bailey x Halle Bailey

Another person said,

“I truly hope this is the last straw for Halle. She need to part ways before the movie rollout and press starts.”

Elsewhere, fans of DDG came to the rapper’s defense, noting that he did nothing wrong.

One fan said,

“Ummm he didn’t engage and immediately left the live… what else is he supposed to do? Lmao not everybody is gonna be aggressively confrontational.”


Another person wrote,

“how yall mad at DDG for this he left the live and said they was trippin”

See reactions below:

Amid the criticism, Chloe Bailey recently addressed naysayers at her opening concert for her tour.

At the ending of the show, the singer refused to hold back as she responded to critics who slammed her for only selling 10K copies of her album during its first-week release. Chloe Bailey said:

“I couldn’t let go of this feeling.”

With pride, she continued:

“Make sure you all are supporting the motherf*ck*ng album.”

The 24-year-old clarified that she is unbothered by the backlash. She added:

“F*ck what the f*ck everybody gotta f*ck*ng say. They can kiss my black *ss!”

The R&B star released In Pieces on Mar. 31 through Columbia Records and Parkwood Entertainment. As we reported, Bailey’s 14-track album – which charted at #119 on the weekly Billboard 200 –  includes features from hip-hop A-listers such as Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, and Future.

What are your thoughts? Do you think DDG was in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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