Kaya Jones is opening up about her reality as a former Pussycat Dolls performer.

The Canadian-American singer appeared on Tucker Carlson Today on Monday night where she revealed exactly what it took to stay in the coveted group — and who called the shots. She confessed that during the group’s heyday in the early 2000s, she became Pregnant at 19 years old — and instead of being met with support, she was allegedly given direction on what to do to stay in the girl group. She said:

“I was told to get rid of it.”

When the conservative political commentator asked her who pushed her into the procedure, the 38-year-old ambiguously responded:

“The powers that be.”

It’s unclear exactly who she was alluding to. That said, we all know that Robin Antin is the founder of the girl group, and even has a very public history of beef with Kaya. Back in 2017, the former member referred to the group as a “prostitution ring,” which Antin called “disgusting” and “ridiculous,” adding that the blonde was “clearly looking for her 15 minutes.”

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On the right-wing talk show, Kaya reflected on her decision to go through with the abortion, calling it, “a poor choice,” noting that she didn’t want to lose her job while at the “height” of her career. She added:

“And so I went and got rid of it in-between rehearsals.”

The model remembered what a toll the procedure took on her, both physically and mentally, recounting a specific time in which she was “hemorrhaging” and “losing” her unborn child while performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas — all while being called “fat” by onlookers. She recalled:

“It’s to control you. So you’re told, like, why does your butt look like it has, like, pizza sewn on it.”

She then subtly alluded to her situation not necessarily being a one-off, referencing her fellow performers:

“A majority of the women do not have children. I mean, that’s the pressures and the forcing abortions. And, you know, you’re fired if you’re pregnant.”

The singer added:

“They can do that.”

As of now, Robin has not addressed Kaya’s claims.

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While reflecting on her aforementioned comparison of the girl group to a “prostitution ring,” Tucker compared Kaya’s situation to “slavery,” which she didn’t exactly strike down. She responded:

“That’s why I used words like trafficked or prostitution ring — not because we were actually one, but because it felt like that.”

It’s always a slippery slope to compare a situation to that of another — specifically one that has very real ramifications and victims, such as those mentioned above, but we understand that Kaya is speaking from a place of repression and control. It is disheartening to know she felt forced to make medical decisions about her body just to stay in the popular girl group. Watch a clip from the interview (below):

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