Ellie Goulding used running to keep her “debilitating” anxiety at bay.

Ellie Goulding used running to keep her ‘debilitating’ anxiety at bay

Ellie Goulding used running to keep her ‘debilitating’ anxiety at bay

The ‘Burn’ singer, 26, who had son Arthur Ever Winter with her art dealer husband Caspar Jopling, 31, in April, added her worries combined with the Covid pandemic and her Pregnancy sent her into “overdrive”.

She told The Independent newspaper: “It’s debilitating. I staved it off for years because I just exercised so much – I didn’t even notice because I was running so much. So when I stopped I was like, ‘Oh.’”

She added being Pregnant in lockdown sent her “nervous system into overdrive” and became increasingly “excruciating” as she couldn’t perform live, which she says calms her anxiety.

Ellie said about continuing to use different forms of exercise to battle her condition: “I’m just going to keep trying stuff.

She also said that since the pandemic she doesn’t know of a “single person” who doesn’t have anxiety.

Ellie previously told Stellar Magazine her chronic anxiety is so severe she needs to “numb” herself.

She said: “I get such chronic anxiety that in the rare moments I don’t have anxiety, I feel so happy and full of joy that I’m not having it.

“If I am in an anxious state, I don’t feel things. I numb myself to everything.

“But art can bring something positive out of you, especially if you rediscover an artist you love.

“Running (for fitness) was such a good way to… honestly, I owe it to that to staying sort of relatively sane, I suppose.”

Ellie also told in January on social media: “This year has also been the hardest of my life. I’ve struggled daily, nightly, hourly with a kind of panic I didn’t even know existed.”

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