By Becca Longmire.

Ellie Goulding is super proud of her new album Higher Than Heaven.

The singer chatted to ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman about the release, with the host asking how creating new music during a lockdown, as well as having a baby, was.

Goulding, who welcomed son Arthur with husband Caspar Jopling in 2021, said of how much all of the above influenced her as an artist while creating new music: “I think it did the opposite to what you’d expect. I think maybe there’s a slight delay in my reaction to the pandemic and becoming a mum.

“Obviously, it’s such a profound and ginormous change in your life that it’s impossible for that to not affect you as a writer. You know, your brain is going to be a universe instead of like, I don’t know, a planet.

“And so you’ve suddenly got all these new thoughts, all these new feelings. So yeah, naturally you’re just going to… your writing is going to start heading in different directions,” she went on.

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The “Burn” hitmaker admitted she didn’t get so personal on this release, though, telling us: “But for this album I just wasn’t ready to do that, you know, whether I was kind of stuck in the surrealness of Pregnancy or the pandemic… we are all experiencing a bit of that.”

Goulding commented on how everyone was just trying “to process” everything after experiencing “a pandemic and genuine loss” and “really, really hard times.”

She continued to say how it wasn’t “something we were ready to explore” yet, so they just decided to “write fun things” and “just have fun as writers, as people that are good at making pop records.”

Goulding insisted, “That’s not to say that an album isn’t coming where I get really personal and talk about becoming a mom,” joking it’s like “10 albums worth” of content.

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The musician said of how proud she is of her latest album on a scale of 1-10: “I’m up there with like a nine or 10, because I’ve had a really tough year with anxiety [and] imposter syndrome.”

She admitted, “Anxiety has been a real b**ch, to be honest,” so she’s “really proud” to be releasing her fifth album.

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