This moment of joy is a slam dunk.

After learning that he will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this year, Dwyane Wade comically celebrated the milestone by asking daughter Zaya Wade, 15, to update his contact information in her phone.

“You got to know change my name from D-A-D to H-O-F in your phone,” the retired NBA star told her as they shared a hug in honor of the news, as seen in an April 1 TikTok video. “I know you got ‘Dad’ in there. Take it out and put ‘H-O-F’ for a while.”

Earlier in the TikTok, Dwyane was seen being told over the phone about his unanimous vote into the Hall of Fame. “That’s the call,” Dwyane said at the time. “The call that I’ve watched people get for a long time.”

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