Doja Cat, the popular musician has been making headlines often with both her career choices and social media presence. The singer recently garnered attention after she revealed that she is planning to put her pop music career on hold. Doja Cat revealed that she is soon set to try a hand at rap, to the much surprise of her fans and music Lovers. Now, the musician has created quite a stir on social media with her latest Instagram post.

Doja Cat’s Instagram post leaves netizens confused

Recently, Doja Cat recently took to her official Instagram handle and shared a video, in which a group of birds is seen resting on the rocks in the sea, while some are seen flying around. “Feel that way,” the musician captioned her post. The beautifully-shot video is featured along with the popular song ‘Make You Feel That Way’ by Blackalicious. However, the singer has not revealed anything more, in her Instagram post.

Check out Doja Cat’s Instagram video, below:

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