Doja Cat Says Her Rap Verses Are ‘Corny’, Declares ‘No More Pop’

By Emerson Pearson.

Doja Cat wants to take her music in a different direction.

The 27-year-old popstar recently blasted her lyricism on Twitter on Saturday, describing most of her rap verses as “mid and corny.”

The “Kiss Me More” singer claimed she agrees “with everyone” who said the “majority of my rap verses are mid and corny.”

“I know they are. I wasnt trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I’m getting tired of hearing yall say that i can’t so I will,” continued Doja Cat, real name Amala Dlamini.

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In a second tweet, the “Say So” declared that she was finished with pop music, simply tweeting: “no more pop.”


Many fans had ambivalent reactions to the tweet, with some defending her unique lyrical style.

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“i hope these comments are not the only thing that pushed you to go full rap…if doing pop and rap is what you like you shouldn’t stop simply because of them,” wrote one user in response to her tweets.

“cap lol you rap better than most rappers regardless of gender,” praised another.

Given the pop star’s bombastic online persona, it’s unclear whether she’s being serious or not, but she’s undoubtedly causing a stir.

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