Devoin Austin, Briana DeJesus, and Kailyn Lowry

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Devoin Austin, Briana DeJesus, and Kailyn Lowry

“Teen Mom 2” star Devoin Austin opened up to fans about where he stands with his ex-girlfriend Briana DeJesus, as well as her fellow “Teen Mom” stars Kailyn Lowry and Ashley Jones, both of whom Briana has had tensions with at various points during her time on the show.

Devoin’s statements came in the form of an April 19 Instagram story Q&A.

Devoin Austin Answers Fan Questions

One fan asked Devoin “Would you ever think about getting back together with Brianna ?” to which the MTV star responded “That’s not in gods plan.” He also addressed Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus, tagging her account directly in response to a fan question about the state of their Relationship. Devoin said “That’s my dawg [for life. Brittany] always been there thru thick and thin… Just like one of my own sisters.”

Most recently, Briana has been publicly supporting Devoin after his time in rehab for his gambling addiction, and fans have been rooting for them to succeed as co-parents, with some wishing the two would get back together, however Briana has Dating-rumors/”>since sparked dating rumors after posting photos with a new man.

Devoin also answered questions about Briana’s castmate Kailyn Lowry, who had him on her “Coffee Convos” podcast in February 2021. Kailyn explained her reason for having him on was to give him a platform for his new YouTube channel where he would cook for followers, however one fan left a comment in the Q&A which read, I thought [Kail] was helping you grow a platform lol. She just used you as she does,” and Devoin came to Kailyn’s defense with his response.

“Nawww I had a lake in front of me to cross. Kail gave me a boat I just ain’t know how to drive it yet. Best way to put it. I went thru that gambling phase as soon as s*** was starting to shake and I let everything go. I don’t feel used. I. gained 100K+ followers off that podcast. Which y’all already know what you can do with that,” Devoin wrote, going on to tag the “Coffee Convos” Instagram page.

Devoin answered another question about his gambling addiction, calling it a “Non stop battle. Mainly when s*** get rough. But I still talk to my support group and keep in contact.” He also offered up his direct messages if any followers were going through the same issues and needed to talk.

Bar Smith Confirms He Has a Friendship With Devoin Austin

The last “Teen Mom” cast members Devoin spoke about in his Instagram story were Ashley Jones and Bar Smith. Briana and Ashley got into a major fight while filming “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” season 2, and have not been on good terms since, however when Devoin was asked if he was cool with Ashley and Bar, he replied “Hell yea.”

A “Teen Mom” fanpage on Instagram shared a screenshot of this post, and one doubting fan commented “I don’t believe the first slide with him being ‘cool’ with Ashley & Bar 🤷🏽‍♀️”, which prompted Bar to jump in and back Devoin up. Bar responded directly to this user, writing, ” lol I just talked to him the other day and we was just dming each other like yesterday 😭 we play PlayStation together and some more s*** that’s my dawg 💯💪🏽”.

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