Moving on up! HGTV alum Chip and Joanna Gaines are putting renovating houses on hold on their hit series, Fixer Upper, for a much larger project: a hotel. 

The Couple announced in October 2019 that they had partnered with boutique real estate experts Adventurous Journeys Capital Partners to bring an outdated hotel back to life.  

“Chip and I started out as small business owners who were drawn to challenging projects—and we’re still those people—especially when it involves acting on things that we believe in and care deeply for,” Jo shared at the time. 

She went on to say that their dream for the hotel was that “it would serve as an extension of the way we feel about our own home and all it represents to us, and that every guest who comes to stay would experience that same sense of belonging and community.”

Keep reading for everything we know about the Magnolia Network owners’ hotel. 

Where Is Chip and Joanna’s Hotel Located?

The Gaineses are based out of Waco, Texas, as are all of the past projects. So it’s only natural that their hotel be located in the city they love. 

“Y’all we’re gonna have a hotel in downtown Waco, Texas, just a few short blocks from the Silos,” the Capital Gaines author said in their announcement video shared via YouTube. 

Joanna added, “When we first toured the nearly 100-year-old building—which is nearly 53,000 square feet!—we were amazed by the unique architecture and how much of it was still intact. Instantly, we knew we wanted to be a part of making this place sing again.”

The hotel, aptly called Hotel 1928, pays homage to the building’s 100-year history.

“We cannot wait to restore it back to its former glory. There’s so many details about this building that are just gorgeous,” she added. 

When Will Chip and Joanna’s Hotel Be Open?

While the couple originally revealed that the hotel would be open for guests beginning in 2021, it seems the coronavirus pandemic may have caused a few delays. 

“Just walked the hotel one last time to finalize plans before #demoday,” the mother of six shared via Instagram in February 2020. 

According to Magnolia’s official Instagram profile, the hotel in the heart of Texas will be open in the fall of 2023. 

Will Chip and Joanna’s Hotel Be Featured on ‘Fixer Upper’?

The couple, along with their network, announced on April 12 that the upcoming season of Fixer Upper will feature Hotel 1928’s renovation. 

“Psst…big news! A new season of Fixer Upper is coming this fall and it’s one of [Joanna Gaines] and [Chip Gaines’] most exciting projects yet: a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Waco, TX,” the joint Instagram post read. 

In the teaser clip shared alongside the announcement, Chip can be heard saying, “I think Jo and I are out of our element to some extent. But I think we’re up for the challenge.”

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