Latest Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Charity and Mackenzie will be arrested on their wedding day. This comes as Charity and Moira surprise Mack with a gift from an old childhood passion.

When they’re arrested by PC Swirling, the fate of the wedding is thrown into doubt. Will Charity and Mack make their own big day?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this story below.

Charity and Moira look horrified in a haystack on Emmerdale
Just as Charity comes up with a surprise for Mack, she battles with Moira yet again (Credit: ITV)

Charity hits upon a wedding plan

As they prepare for the wedding, Moira shows Charity several pictures of Mack. When she spots a reference to The A-Team among Moira’s slideshow, inspiration strikes for Charity.

However, elation soon turns to bickering as the pair start fighting. When Charity pushes Moira into a haystack, Moira starts scrambling about for the rings. With her paranoia at an all-time high, Charity accuses Moira of sabotaging the wedding.

The next day, Moira gives the rings to a thrilled Charity. Meanwhile, Mack is stunned when Moira reveals Charity’s gift – a replica of the van from the A-Team.

Charity and Mackenzie, in fancy dress, look out at PC Swirling from the A-Team van on Emmerdale
PC Swirling has some disastrous news for Mack and Charity (Credit: ITV)

Charity and Mack are arrested

Later, Mackenzie and Charity make the most of the A-Team van. All dressed up as A-Team characters, they’re parked up when PC Swirling emerges. They are horrified to learn that the van was involved in a robbery.

When PC Swirling reluctantly arrests them, he settles them into the cells – telling them to get comfortable. He explains that they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. A furious Charity thinks Moira has set them up.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Chloe settle down for a cosy night in. However, Chloe’s waters break – and they realise that the baby is coming.

The next day, preparations are underway for Charity and Mack’s wedding. Helpless in their cells, they have no idea whether the wedding will go ahead. Charity pleads with PC Swirling, but her pleas fall upon deaf ears.

Will Charity and Mack miss their own wedding?

Charity and Mack in a prison cell on Emmerdale
The husband and wife to be spend the night before their wedding in jail (Credit: ITV)

Charity and Mack rush to make the wedding

At the hospital, Chloe is wracked with contractions. However, she tells Sarah to go and get ready for the wedding. Will Chloe give birth alone?

At the police station, Charity and Mackenzie are surprised to be released. But they’re heartbroken when they realise that it’s too late to get married. Hoping to save the day, Mack pleads with Cain over the phone, telling him to stall Charles.

Just then, they are shocked to see the A-Team van roar into view – with PC Swirling behind the wheel. Rushing to the Church, they arrive just in time. Charles agrees to marry them both in their costumes.

But when Sarah tells them that Chloe’s in labour, Mackenzie is confliected. When he disappears with something ‘urgent’ to do, it appears that he may have jilted Charity at the altar. Will the wedding go ahead?

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