Cannabis Brands Owned By Black Woman For Your 4/20 Shopping

For Black Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting smoking sistas you can support for your 4/20 celebrations.


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The annual smoke session holiday is among us, and we’ve curated the perfect list of Black female-led cannabis brands and businesses for you to support. These green thumb girlies are breaking down barriers and helping you vibe a little higher as the holiday continues.

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The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is the first Black woman-owned cannabis dispensary in Boston on a mission to provide the purest and safest forms of the plant while also delivering a one-of-a-kind customer experience. The shop offers a host of products including pre-rolls, CBD vapes, edible treats and rolling accessories.

Additionally, if you’re not an avid smoker and just want to try something new for 4/20, they’ve got tips and recommendations for beginners on the blog! It’s a one-stop shop with high-quality products.


Also looking ahead to the endless profitable opportunities for Black women in the cannabis industry is Mary Pryor, founder of Cannaclusive. Cannaclusive was created to facilitate fair representation of minority cannabis consumers.

The brand not only inspires and informs Black smokers but it’s also got incredibly useful resources like the Inclusivebase and the Accountability List, which help shop businesses that continually support minority communities. Not to mention, the fire merch from black female designers!

Fruit Slab

These Cannabis infused fruit strips have our mouths watering.

Maggie Wilson of California founded Fruit Slabs in 2015 and changed the game with her all-natural, 100% vegan, 100% kosher edibles.

Fruit Slabs are California’s award-winning healthiest edible with five ingredients or less per SKU, no added sugars and no artificial ingredients packaged in biodegradable pouches. There’s a good selection of flavors to choose from, but Coconut and OG Mango continue to keep us in a chokehold.

The Green Muse

Formerly known as Green Hop, the first hip-hop dispensary, Green Muse is pushing the unification of art, music and culture through cannabis.

Co-owned by Nicole Kennedy and Karanja Crews, two teachers from Northeast Portland, the Green Muse also offers an academy program that aims to help more BIPOC workers and entrepreneurs get into the cannabis industry.

The black-owned and female-led shop is located in Portland, Oregon with locally sourced, high-quality products.

ReLeaf Health

Neighboring The Green Muse in Portland is ReLeaf Health. Founded by Black mother Leona Thomas in 2018, the brand seeks to destigmatize cannabis use in motherhood and diversify the cannabis industry.

Thomas is a natural-health advocate, formerly working in IT. Now, Leona has a full-service cannabis brand offering recreational and medicinal products. Everything from CBD bath confetti to hash oil, pre-rolls, topicals, edibles and more can even be delivered! ReLeaf Health will send a budtender to discreetly deliver your cannabis items to your door! Love that for us.

Are we missing any cannabis brands you should know?


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