What scents are known to trigger arousal?

Ylang Ylang:

“Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac essential oil that is often added to floral perfumes,” an InterParfums rep said. “The oil is traditionally revered for its ability to ease sexual anxiety and provide performance enhancement. It has a high concentration of β-caryophyllene (a sesquiterpene present in clove, rosemary and black pepper), which has an increase in testosterone, one of the most important Sex hormones.”

The proof, shared the rep: “An increase of this hormone was found in the saliva of women after inhalation of Ylang Ylang.”


Lavender essential oil is also known to have a positive effect on sexual health, according to the InterParfums spokesperson. They pointed out a 2019 study by The National Library of Medicine, in which they found lavender improved almost every aspect of the experience for elderly women—mental and physical.

As the InterParfums suggested, “Mist some on your bedroom pillows for a restful night and perhaps some added satisfaction.”

Clary Sage: 

“Clary Sage is excellent when the libido is low due to hormonal shifts, such as Menopause,” the senior perfumer said. “It can act as a balancer to bring relief and enhance the moment.”

Rose Oil: 

According to the InterParfums rep, studies have also shown the positive effects Rose Oil has on sexual dysfunction. In 2015, Zyto (a company that facilitates better wellness decisions) found that male participants suffering from mental health issues experienced an improvement in their depression and sexual dysfunction after being administered Rose Oil. 

Adds the InterParfums rep, “It’s commonly considered one of the best essential oils for libido.”

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