These people simply cannot decide if the Duchess of Sussex’s absence from the coronation is the best thing or the worst thing to ever happen to the Windsors. Of course, we’re also dealing with a crew of fantasists, liars and idiots, which means that people are just throwing sh-t at the wall to see what sticks. Daniela Elser is one of those fantasist idiots, and Elser believes that Meghan’s “snub” of the coronation is the biggest mistake ever:

“Their decision for Meghan not to go could have serious repercussions, not least when it comes to their Sussex titles. In making the choice to not go and to not show her support for her father-in-law, to not be there for the one of the biggest moments for the monarchy in the better part of a century, she is making her position in regards to the institution pretty damn obvious. Meghan seems to be taking an abundantly crystal clear stance on what sort of Relationship she wants to have with her husband’s family, i.e., pretty much none,” expert Daniela Elser wrote in

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Again, Harry already offered to give up the Sussex titles and his offer was shrugged off. Again, it would look terrible if Charles made a point of removing the Sussex title, all while leaving Prince Andrew’s York title. Again, the Windsors didn’t even want Meghan there, which they made abundantly clear. Speaking of, other “royal experts” believe that Charles is extending yet another olive branch to the Sussexes by including a photo of them in the Chubbly program.

King Charles’ decision to include a family photograph with Harry, Meghan, William, Kate and their children in the official Buckingham Palace souvenir Coronation programme is an ‘olive branch’ in the direction of California, experts told MailOnline today.

Phil Dampier told MailOnline: ‘Using the picture including Harry and Meghan is yet another olive branch from the King and an attempt to show they are still loved members of the family. We know of course that relations were already starting to strain but it’s a happy picture which conveys harmony and unity. Most of all it reminds us of what might have been and how it’s so sad the way things have unfolded.

‘Harry and Meghan could have been Royal superstars and helped modernise the monarchy and take it forward deep into the century. But now the slimmed down monarchy is struggling with numbers and an awful lot depends on William and Kate. The King will be hoping that Harry’s presence at the Coronation is the start of a healing process but I don’t see the Couple of days that Harry will be here as an opportunity for any meaningful peace talks. The King will be too busy and William has no interest in talking to his brother’.

Royal biographer and investigative journalist Tom Bower told MailOnline the choice of picture from 2018 comes from the right place – but it is also a ‘sad’ reminder of the rift between him, William and his youngest son. He said: ‘Charles is desperate to preside over a successful Coronation. He will sacrifice everything to conceal the truth. Publishing the photo reminds us only of a sadly missed opportunity – but Charles is certainly not to blame’.

[From The Daily Mail]

“An awful lot depends on William and Kate…” LOL. Harry and Meghan were royal superstars, which is why William and Kate were so mad, and why they’re still so resentful. So much fear, so much agitation about how badly this continues to play out. It’s yet another reminder that King Charles absolutely needed Harry to come to the coronation – think of how awful it would look if both of Charles’s sons were not there. While the British media would have screamed and blamed the Sussexes, the optics would have always been very straightforward: Charles is a dogsh-t father and he’s too racist to accept his mixed-race relations. THAT is why Charles is making such an “effort” to include Harry. It’s not out of genuine warmth or anything – this is all completely transactional and image-conscious on Charles’s part.

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