In the hours after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the new queen consort and the new Princess of Wales began looting the Royal Collection jewelry. They changed the locks on all of the archives and jewelry collections, tossed Angela Kelly’s ass out of the castle and they immediately began wearing all of QEII’s pieces to all of their public events. It was pretty tacky. But I believed it would be a new era in royal jewelry, and that we would begin to see Kate and Camilla in a lot of Royal Collection jewels, pieces which were rarely seen. While Camilla is already wearing tons of jewels (especially pieces associated closely with the Queen Mum), Kate has not gotten tons of access thus far. And now it looks like Kate might not even get a tiara for the Chubbly??!?

King Charles and Queen Camilla are set to be crowned with historic headpieces at the May 6 coronation, but Kate Middleton may go with a surprisingly more low-key option at the historic event.

With less than six weeks to go until the coronation, it’s thought that the Princess of Wales might not be wearing a tiara for the prestigious event. However, with increased anticipation for her to deliver glamour, PEOPLE understands the conversation around the decision is still ongoing.

Looking back at past coronations, there is a precedent for women in the royal family to wear bejewelled toppers.

“Tiaras were worn by nearly every royal lady at the Queen’s coronation in 1953, as well lots of aristocratic women but times have certainly changed in 70 years,” Lauren Kiehna, writer of The Court Jeweller tells PEOPLE.

Should Kate, along with other senior female members of the family forgo a tiara, then presumably long gowns are out of the question too, resulting in a radically different dress code to what might have been expected, with heirloom tiaras potentially replaced with hats or fascinators.

“I’m certainly hoping we’ll see coronation tiaras, but it’s possible that Charles is following the example of some of his European counterparts, like the King of the Netherlands, and setting a daytime formal dress code for the event,” says royal jewelry expert, Kiehna.

“That would mean that we could still see some grand jewels, like necklaces, brooches and earrings but no tiaras. I’ll be sad if that’s true but it may just be another part of the ‘de-formalizing’ of the British royal world that has taken place over the last several decades.”

[From People]

King Charles has indicated for months now that the dress code at his coronation will be different than that of his mother’s – no hosiery for men, fewer ceremonial robes, fewer Medieval touches. But I was under the belief that women would still be in formalwear and all of the royal and aristocratic women would wear all of their finest jewels. The Duchess of Higgenbottomshire would wear her family tiara, the Countess of Biscuitbourgh would wear the crested necklace, and of course all of the royal women would get to borrow large pieces from the Royal Collection. If Kate’s not in a tiara, then I feel certain this is some kind of power-play from Camilla, and/or a specific snub.

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