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Angelina Pivarnick dished to her Jersey Shore castmates about her Relationship with Vinny Tortorella on the show’s April 20 episode. While Vinny 2.0 joined the boys to get a haircut in New Orleans, the girls had a chance to catch up with Angelina amidst her new man’s first cast trip. Angelina confirmed that she met Vinny on Instagram and that they had been “following each other for a while” before they started talking. Regarding the timeline of the relationship, Angelina revealed that she started Dating Vinny 2.0 in Feb. 2022 (this episode was film in mid-November). This was right after Angelina’s ex-husband, Chris Larangeira, filed for divorce (although, the two had been having issues for quite some time before that).

“What do you see with your future with [Vinny]?” Jenni “JWoww” Farley asked Angelina. “You just got divorced. Do you see that type of future or are you just taking it slowly?” Angelina admitted that she’d been taking things slow with Vinny up to that point, but said that things were more serious between them than she had previously let on. “I was just making it seem like less than it was because I wanted to protect that at first,” she shared.

Angelina then turned the conversation to kids, as she gushed that she thinks Vinny will be a “good dad.” Then, JWoww asked her if she was planning on freezing her eggs, or trying to have children naturally. “100 percent with him,” Angelina confirmed. “I had a conversation with him about freezing my eggs recently. He doesn’t want that for me. He’s like,’Why would you freeze your eggs when we can have kids?’”

Jenni was shocked to hear this development, and even more floored when Angelina said that she wanted it to happen “soon,” but that she wanted to be engaged first. In a confessional, Ang added, “I’m 36 years old. I’m not getting any younger. It’s not like time is on my side to have a child. Your body won’t work anymore. It’s science.”

angelina pivarnick
Angelina on the red carpet. (CraSH/ImageSPACE/Shutterstock)

The reason this was so shocking to everyone else is because just months earlier, Angelina had been flirting with Vinny Guadagnino during another cast trip. She even admitted that she could see herself actually dating Vinny, and questioned what she could do to make him take her more seriously. A clip played from just two weeks prior to the conversation about kids, as well, where Angelina told the girls that she and Vinny weren’t “putting a label” on their relationship.

“I hope she understands the pace that she set,” Jenni said. “Because she’s doing these side things…like hitting on our Vinny and trying to be with him, but also creating a pace with Vinny 2.0, who might not know that she’s doing these things.” The conversation concluded with Angelina saying that she’d “probably do things very quickly” with Vinny 2.0. When Jenni asked if that meant “next year” — meaning 2023 — Angelina responded, “100 percent.”

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