Baller Angel Reese will be a “team player” to attend the White House with the LSU team despite “hurt feelings.”

NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - National Championship

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The national champ will accompany her team to the White House in celebration of their recent victory over Iowa after refusing to attend due to First First Lady Jill Biden’s suggestion to invite both teams.

Reese told ESPN’s SportsCenter on Friday that she has laid her feelings to rest as she desires to do what’s best for the team.

“At the beginning we were hurt, it was emotional for us because we know how hard we worked all year for everything and just being able to see that, that hurt us in the moment.

“But just going back on it, you don’t get that experience ever so being able to go back, and I know my team probably wants to go for sure and my coaches is supportive of that so I’m going to do what’s best for the team and if they would like to go and we decide we’re going to go, then we’re going to go.

“But it was tough just seeing that in the beginning but I think we’ll all come together and I think it’ll be good.”

Racist Trolls Are Still Mad After Angel Reese Accepts White House Invitation

The caucasity made its way to the comments of ESPN’s Twitter post on the matter.

One user boldly claimed, “She wasn’t a team player when she was speaking out and claiming that the whole team wasn’t going to go to the White House… now she has to walk it back because we find out she wasn’t speaking for the team. With age comes humility and wisdom, a lesson she will learn in time.”

Another user gave their angry analysis, “I’m a hypocrite who loves clicks and has a garbage attitude but ultimately I do what my masters say because I want that money and don’t want to hurt my brand.”

Her fans came to her defense with one tweeting,

“She’s racist because she gave a smack talker a taste of her own medicine? Or because they had the nerve to beat America’s sweetheart in the championship? You people can’t possibly be this butt hurt!”

Another user found a joke in the midst of the melee,

“Reese when she sees Jill at the white house”

The Real Drama Between Elite Athletes Angel Reese And Caitlin Clark Was Racist Double Standards

Since winning the National Championship over White America’s favorite Caitlin Clark, controversy has covered the 6’3 powerhouse.

The drama began when LSU’s star player did John Cena’s legendary “you can’t see me” gesture towards Iowa — a movement Clark did earlier.

Reese was criticized and called “classless” while Clark escaped the conversation practically unscathed. This a prime example of the racist and sexist double standard that Black women continuously encounter in this country.

Even Clark stepped up to defend Reese from the blatant racism and disrespect over a common part of the game.

Jill Biden’s comments to invite both tenacious teams to the White House “because they played such a good game” was a slap in the face to LSU. Traditionally, the White House only invites the winning team, not the runner-up. Biden later apologized, but Angel did not accept her sorries.

The First Lady’s press secretary later stated FLOTUS didn’t intend to offend LSU with her comments. She clarified that the invite would be reserved for the winners only. It is believed that this sparked Reese’s change of heart.

LSU announced that the team would be attending, and the 20-year-old will be side-by-side with her championship team.

Angel Reese could have ignored Jill Biden’s words, but the power forward called out the bigotry — Black gyal magic at its finest.

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