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Andy Cohen and Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga and Andy Cohen had some testy interactions during the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star’s appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on April 11 and they didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

During the episode, there were a few conversations that got tense, including one exchange after Cohen asked why Gorga was still friends with Margaret Josephs. He pointed out that the cheating rumor and details involving Gorga originally came from Josephs, via her former best friend Laura Jensen. “Because it’s untrue!” Gorga replied. Cohen told her that regardless of the veracity, the information came from Josephs.

“But are you listening to what I’m saying?” Gorga replied to him. “This is a woman who wants to be on the Housewives, who auditioned three times and didn’t make it,” in reference to Jensen. Cohen paused and then asked Gorga if that was true and Gorga replied, “Yeah. Yes, Andy.” He didn’t seem convinced so she added, “You know this.” Cohen told her that he was sure he did know it but couldn’t remember on the spot since he’d seen many audition tapes over the years.

Another tense exchange between the two came during the WWHL Aftershow when Cohen pointed out that it didn’t look like he was going to get a resolution between Gorga and her co-star and sister-in-law Teresa Giudice at the RHONJ season 13 reunion. “And that’s fair because you’re not a therapist, right? Are you certified?” Gorga asked him.

Cohen immediately appeared taken aback at her question and told her, “Let’s not question my credentials.” She said she didn’t know and asked if he was certified, to which he said he was. After further prompting, he exclaimed, “Well no, but after 16 years of f****** doing this I think I have some idea of what I’m doing!”

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Melissa Gorga Told Andy Cohen That He’d Been Mean to Her During the Episode

Fans quickly noticed the testy exchanges between Cohen and Gorga and commented on them on social media, with one fan account stating, “Things [got] sassy between Melissa and Andy on last night’s #WWHL.” Someone else wrote, “Is it just me or is Melissa getting a little testy with @Andy? She can’t stand the heat in the kitchen.” Another person took the opposing perspective and said, “Andy spoke to Melissa like crap on #WWHL.”

Fans weren’t the only ones who commented on their exchanges as Gorga revealed at the start of the Aftershow that Josephs had texted her and said Cohen was being “very rough on [Gorga] tonight.” The RHONJ star added, “She said, ‘Oof, Andy’s killing you tonight.’” She then asked Cohen why he was being “mean” toward her.

“I’m not being mean to you, but you know we [have to] ask the questions,” Cohen replied. Gorga didn’t look convinced so the WWHL host asked her, “Do you feel like I’m giving you too hard of a time tonight?” Gorga then admitted that she didn’t think he was and that she was okay with answering his questions.

The ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Reunion Is Set to Film Next Week & Melissa Gorga Said She’s Bringing Receipts

Melissa Gorga Is Preparing Receipts for the RHONJ Reunion | WWHLDuring the After Show, Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey says her reunion prep will include sleeping the entire day before and preparing her receipts because of false accusations. Also, Cecily Strong reveals that Austen Butler didn’t want to sing as Elvis on Saturday Night Live, but that was the one thing…2023-04-12T03:30:30Z

The RHONJ season 13 reunion is scheduled to film in a week, Cohen shared on the April 11 episode of WWHL. It is set to be a dramatic Affair with a lot of time devoted to the broken Relationship between Gorga, her husband Joe Gorga, Giudice and Luis Ruelas.

On WWHL, Gorga said she was going to have to get a lot of rest before the reunion and get her receipts ready because there was a lot that she wanted to prove was wrong.

As for Giudice, she told Page Six on April 12 that it was going to be a strange feeling seeing her brother Joe Gorga again at the taping. “It’s an uncomfortable situation, but, you know, it’s my job, so I will be fine,” she shared.

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