Andrew Tate addresses South Park making fun of him, says ‘When I will be proven..’


Famous influencer Andrew Tate responded to a recent episode of Date-streaming-platforms-and-other-details-1208655″>South Park that made fun of him and his views on masculinity. He is one of several mainstream and internet celebrities that South Park is known for mocking.

Here is everything about the controversy.

In a recent episode, Randy, Stan’s father, met Alonzo Fineski, a character who resembled Tate in appearance and behaviour, in order to “fight the propaganda that the liberal left is giving out to young men.”

The Tate stand-in agreed to call some pals when Randy said that he was attempting to show his kid and his geeky little friend what a true party was because society wants them to be embarrassed of their macho natures.

The “best South Park episode ever” is what Andrew Tate aspires to create.

The spoof was shared on social media even though Andrew Tate and his brother Tristian were still being held on charges of rape, human trafficking, and organising a gang at the time.

Tate responded to the video by saying that after being “proved innocent,” he wanted to work with South Park.

“I’m excited to work on making the best South Park episode ever,” he remarked.

Tate has made references to popular culture before, though it’s unclear if this means appearing on the show personally or having his supposed innocence naturally become a topic of discussion.

Andrew Tate’s future prospects plan and his latest update:

The influencer had previously declared his desire to produce a Judge Judy-style Relationship programme where couples could come to him with their issues and he would decide who was right.

Tate has now been released from home arrest; it is unclear if he will ever get the chance to appear on South Park or proceed with his intended TV series. But all that being said, there might be a good chance that he might do it in the future.

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