5 Solar Eclipse Rituals to Stay Safe & Avoid Negative Energy

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If eclipse season makes you feel nervous, you’re certainly not alone. It’s during these times that life has a tendency to shift in significant and unpredictable ways, turning your entire world upside-down. And although not every eclipse will arrive with whirlwind changes, they still shed light on heavy truths. Because this energy is so intense and uncontrollable, here are five solar eclipse rituals that will help you stay safe during this unsettling time.

Arriving on April 20 at 12:12 p.m. ET, the upcoming total solar eclipse in Aries could increase the level of passion and intensity in the air. It could also encourage you to make some important moves, but there is nothing subtle about Aries and the way this cardinal fire sign moves. Instead of easing themselves into a pool, Aries would rather cannonball right off the diving board. Instead of hesitating and thinking things through, Aries prefers to make drastic decisions and worry about the consequences later.

In astrology, eclipse season arrives every six months to shake up our lives and point us in the right direction. Activating the North Node and the South Node—aka the Lunar Notes of Fate—an eclipse has the power to tap into your true destiny and expedite what has always been fated to happen. A solar eclipse takes place during a new moon and a lunar eclipse takes place during a full moon, and contrary to what you might think, eclipse season is not the best time to perform spells or manifestation rituals.

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Contrary to what you might think, eclipse season is not the best time to perform spells or manifestation rituals.

Why is a solar eclipse not an ideal time for your usual new moon rituals? This energy is so brazen and unpredictable that using it in spell work could easily blow up in your face. It’s also not generally considered the best time to charge your crystals under the sunlight, as it is during a solar eclipse that the celestial glow of both the sun and moon is obscured by a formidable shadow. All this will do is program your crystals with the stressful and chaotic energy associated with eclipse season.

Because the Universe is essentially stepping in to make adjustments to your life, you really don’t need to worry about shaping, controlling and manifesting your future at this point in time. Right now, simply give yourself time to process the changes that are about to unfold, knowing all will happen as it was always meant to. Here are five simple rituals that will ease you through the process and help you stay safe along the way:

5 Rituals to Stay Safe During a Solar Eclipse

Closing the Curtains


Stay Home & Shut the Blinds

As much as you might want to stand outside and soak up the sun during an eclipse, there are many astrologers and spiritual advisers who would advise against it. Because the light of the sun—which rules over life, abundance and identity—is obscured by the shadow of the moon, its power is radically reduced. That is why many in the astrology community believe it’s best to stay home and out of the sun, as the light will exhaust you and deplete you rather than empower you. Because the energy is so tense during a solar eclipse, this is also an excellent time to cancel your plans, stay home and do nothing. Even though you may feel lazy or unproductive during this time, you’re actually processing a lot of spiritual changes behind the scenes, so set proper boundaries and give yourself all the rest you need.

Journaling and Meditating


Journal, Meditate & Get Grounded

Eclipses have a tendency to turn things up a notch and increase the level of chaos in your life. If your mind is racing, you’re feeling anxious and you’re worried about what’s coming next, set aside time to write in your journal, breathe deep and meditate. By journaling about what you’re currently feeling and going through, it will help clarify and refocus your situation, providing you with greater insight. Chances are, it will jog your memory and reveal important details you didn’t even consider before! After spending time meditating during a solar eclipse, you will be better positioned to process and receive the important messages this eclipse is soon to bring. And by finding ways to stay grounded rather than carried away, you’ll be giving yourself the confidence to remain strong and resilient throughout it all.

Incense Smoke Cleansing


Cleanse Your Energy & Home

Because you already have so much on your plate, you don’t need to add more to it. One way to get past all the restless energy radiating through the air during a solar eclipse is by simply taking a moment to cleanse your energy and your space. By lighting sacred smoke or incense, you will be able to clear away some of the mental fog and stagnant spiritual energy that is making this transition that much more confusing. And because we all have a tendency to soak up negative vibrations during a solar eclipse, cleansing your energy becomes that much more important.

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Use Tarot Cards or Other Divination Forms

So much is revealed under the abyssal darkness of a solar eclipse. If you’re still itching to connect with the divine and find your footing in any chaos related to the solar eclipse, why not pull out your Tarot cards or explore various forms of divination? This is an excellent time to give yourself a Tarot reading and reflect on the energies currently at play in your life. A few good open-ended questions to ask your cards could be: 1. What does this eclipse mean for me? 2. What is this eclipse paving the way for in the future? 3. What is changing under this eclipse?

Releasing Ritual


Perform a Releasing Ritual

Eclipse season often forces us to lets go of things that we have already outgrown, but continue to take up space in our lives. That’s why one of the few rituals you have the option to perform during a solar eclipse would be a releasing ritual. Write down a list of all that you’re ready to let go of and part ways with using black ink and a piece of paper. Once you’ve sufficiently gotten it all out of your system, fold the paper away from you and then leave it in a fire safe container before leaving it to burn away, knowing the eclipse is already doing the rest of the work for you.

Remember—not all changes that unfold during an eclipse are inherently negative. Sometimes, an eclipse removes something from our lives that has been standing in the way of our true destiny for far too long. Processing and accepting these changes is rarely ever easy, but what awaits us all in the future makes the journey worth it. And because an eclipse already puts so much to your plate, there’s no need to add an over-the-top manifestation ritual and the ordeal of charging your crystals into the mix. Instead, you can simply relax and allow the cosmic chips to fall where they may.

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