Tom Sandoval


Tom Sandoval has a new look.

Tom Sandoval left his interview with Howie Mandel with a new look.

The “Vanderpump Rules”  star capped off his tell-all interview on the April 11, 2023 episode of the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast by shaving off his mustache.

Mandel started the job, and the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner finished it off as cameras rolled.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tom Sandoval Said He is Tired of Being Recognized in Public

Tom Sandoval

YouTubeTom Sandoval shaved off his mustache on-camera.

Sandoval has been under fire following the news of his shocking cheating scandal with his co-star Raquel Leviss. Near the end of the interview with Mandel, Sandoval said he hated sneaking around while out in public. After Mandel noted that he’s “a very recognizable dude” and should maybe shave his mustache, Sandoval was game. “You want to do it? Should we do it?” he asked the game show host. “You wanna?”

Sandoval revealed he brought a razor with him and walked off camera to grab a big travel bag he carries with him. He then again asked Mandel if he’d do the job.” Mandel is a notorious germophobe. He put on gloves as Sandoval moved seats to be next to him.

“So this kind of a symbolic moment where Tom is turning over a new… he’s going for a whole new look,” Mandel said before grabbing the electric shaver.

Mid-shave, Sandoval had a bit of an Adolf Hitler look, of which he remarked to Mandel, “Oh you’re really trying to get me canceled now.” Mandel said it looked more like Charlie Chaplin. As the razor began to run out of battery, Sandoval grabbed a mirror and scissors to finish off the job.

“I feel a little naked there,” Sandoval said before noting it’s been over a year since he has shaved above his lip.

“You look like a kid again,” Mandel said. “Wow, unrecognizable!” added Mandel’s daughter Jackie Schultz.  “Wow! I feel weird,” Sandoval agreed.

Tom Sandoval’s Mustache Was Controversial

Tom Sandoval

GettyTom Sandoval of ‘Vanderpump Rules.”

Sandoval used to be obsessive about his clean-shaven face. According to Men’s Health, he was known for shaving his forehead and once revealed that he shaved his entire face for the exfoliation benefits alone.

In 2019, he surprised fans with a skinny stache at the launch party for his book “Fancy AF Cocktails,” per BravoTV.com.

He got a mixed reaction once he grew a more permanent mustache a few years later and changed up his look with longer hair, Nail Polish, and sequin pants for his performances with his band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras. In an interview on “The Viall Files” podcast, Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend, Kristen Doute, slammed his “dumb haircuts and the pedophile mustache.”

But Madix actually liked the facial hair. While her Twitter account is now deleted, she previously told fans that Sandoval kept the mustache because she liked it. In March 2023, a fan tweeted, “Ariana liked the mustache! They answered questions texted to Bravo a few weekends ago. My question was how can you stand that porn star mustache? She said when Tom had more of a goatee, she asked him to shave all but the mustache.”

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