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“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” cast member Leah Messer opened up about the upcoming second season of the series, and brought herself to tears while reflecting on her growth over her 13-year reality television career.

The tears began flowing in Messer’s late-night April 1 Instagram story, where the MTV star was sitting in her car and speaking directly to the camera.

“And now I’m sitting outside of my house trying not to cry,” Messer told viewers, taking multiple pauses to wipe away tears, “because I’m proud of me. Just keeping it real, but I’m proud of me. That’s all. I’m proud of me. You guys have watched me from 17 to – What is it? I’m f***ing 31. You guys have watched my whole life play out.”

Leah Messer Teases ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Filming

Messer’s next Instagram story clip comes back moments later, after she had taken time to wipe her tears.

“Blech, I hate getting emotional, I hate being like ‘Wah wah wah! Boo hoo!’” Messer said, “But I think when you guys see the upcoming season it’s like, I went through a lot. And sometimes (I’m sure people can relate to this as well) the strong person is tired of being the strong person. But that’s all we’ve ever known… [and] it was a really great night, and I was proud of myself and excited, and it made me emotional, and I love you guys. I love every single one of you that has been a part of our story for [13] years. We love you.”

Messer closed the story out with a selfie, showing her holding up a peace sign to the camera while Taylor Swift’s song “Bejeweled” played in the background.

Messer has been on reality television (first “16 and Pregnant” and then “Teen Mom 2” before her current “The Next Chapter” run) since 2010, and has shared all of her drama with the fans, including multiple marriages, her own health struggles (including a breast cancer scare and battle with pill addiction after being prescribed pain relievers and anxiety medication by her doctors), her children’s health struggles (especially her daughter Aliannah, who suffers from Titin Muscular Dystrophy), and her abortion, which Messer initially claimed was a miscarriage due to not being ready to have another child yet with her then-fiancé Jeremy Calvert (the two eventually had a daughter, Adalynn, in 2013).

Most recently, Messer has detailed her relationship and sudden breakup from Jaylan Mobley on the show. While Messer spoke about their split at the season one reunion of “The Next Chapter”, she left out some of the details as to why the two went their separate ways.

Is Leah Messer Considering Leaving ‘Teen Mom’?

Messer has not spoken directly on her future with the “Teen Mom” franchise, however some fans began speculating that the reality star is looking to exit the series after Messer opened up about her idea for a spinoff series surrounding her family.

“I think after putting in 13 years, staying dedicated, and sharing the toughest moments of our lives.. My little fam wants our own show/special or something,” Messer commented on a “Teen Mom” fan page’s Instagram account, “At least showing where we are as a family today despite the challenges that came with becoming a Mom so young.”

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