By Brent Furdyk.

Johnny Depp’s first wife is opening up about her ex’s high-profile lawsuit against his third spouse, Amber Heard.

During a recent appearance on the “Popcorned Planet” podcast (as reported by the Daily Mail), Lori Allison — who was married to Depp from 1983 until 1985, shared her thoughts about the exes’ defamation trial, watching “she who shall not be named making all these accusations and putting him through the wringer.”

Allison, a Makeup artist who was 25 when she married 20-year-old Depp, shared her first impressions of Heard.

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“I had met her before, I’d been to parties at his house and she seemed really nice and she was gorgeous and what’s not to love?” she said.

“But as the time went by and I would hear things about her — she who shall not be named — he didn’t seem too happy all the time. I didn’t see him a lot so I can’t really say,” she continued.

“The things that affected me more were the things he said in court — I probably broke down several times because I felt really bad for him,” Allison added.

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“He’s very private — which is why I don’t do interviews — and I think for him to come out so wholeheartedly was what he really needed to do,” she said of Depp.

Addressing the trial, she said, “I thought it was either going to be an epic train wreck or it was going to go really well.”

According to Allison, she felt “terrified” for Depp as she watched Heard take the stand.

‘I’m no angel, I’ve done my share of s***ty things to people but what she did was absolutely horrific and if there were things that I could do to her that were legal I would do them! I would,” she declared.

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Even though their marriage ended unhappily, Allison remains friendly with Depp.

“He’s really generous, he has the biggest heart of someone I’ve ever met. I love him to pieces and I get all goofy eyed when I think about him and his future, our past,” she admitted.

“I want nothing but the best for him and I hope he feels the same about me!” she added. “Can I say bad things about him? I can say bad things about everybody but there’s no reason to. He makes normal mistakes like other people do. But again he’s generous, kind and I cant wait to be in a room with him again because I love to give him hugs.”



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