Fans Defend TikTok Beauty Guru Mikayla Nogueira Amid Claims She Fakes Her Accent

Mikayla Nogueira is at the center of another controversy on TikTok, this one stemming from claims that she is faking her distinctive accent in videos.

The 24-year-old influencer recently celebrated her third anniversary on the social media platform and has amassed a following totaling nearly 15 million strong.

However, a debate is raging on in the comments section of a video accusing her of putting on a fake accent and persona in her videos.

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The clip in question started circulating in late February and purports to show Mikayla in college. In it, her “real voice” doesn’t have any of the instantly identifiable twang that she showcases in her videos on TikTok.

Fans and critics are facing off in the comments section, with many having strong opinions.

“I KNEW it,” one person responded to implications that Mikayla was a fraud.

“I would watch her if she sounded like this,” another opined.

Yet another person implied that “her voice is always different every video I see.”

However, plenty of fans came through to point out that the video alone doesn’t prove anything.

For starters, many reminded viewers that the video was recorded for work, and that she might have had to use a more “professional” sounding voice.

“That’s a customer service voice,” one person opined.

“Professionals have to [lose] their drawls when needed,” another agreed.

Others expressed that they had also tried to “hide” their accents in the past.

“She’s said before that she used to hide her accent,” another agreed. “be fr.”

Still more fans even thought that you could hear her accent sneaking through.

Mikayla does not appear to have addressed the video at all and is sharing her own content.

The influencer got swept up in controversy earlier this year amid claims that she wore fake eyelashes while promoting a mascara brand. She was Makeup-criticizing-lying-creators/”>called out by the likes of Jeffree Star at the time. However, then as well, Mikayla continued posting videos without directly addressing the drama.

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