Everyone should be proficient in the art of combining tie together with suits or shirts. It can require some time to master and master. For instance, if you own a shirt with an unusual hue, such as purple, it could be difficult to locate a tie that matches nicely with your outfit.

The most important thing to remember when wearing purple clothes is to wear it in conjunction with other colors that are subdued to create contrast. Gentlemen Center is here to help you look to find the perfect combo idea If you’re still trying to locate the right ones. These are ideas for matching purple ties to purple shirt.

Tie And Purple Shirt Combination

Purple is a hue which is compatible with neutrals of all kinds, including black, navy blue, gray and even beige. These are four of the most classic and versatile colors for male clothes that can be kept in their wardrobe.

Navy Blue Tie And Purple Shirt

A dress in purple and a tie that is navy are classic combinations that is never out of fashion. This combination will always create a style that is elegant and masculine. Combining these shades together creates an aura of classiness without making the outfit appear excessively bold.

Gray Tie And Purple Shirt

It’s always a good idea to wear a tie with an untidier shirt shade and in a purple shade in order to exude an aura of sophistication and style. This shade is not just easy on eye, however can also be used in professional and social situations.

Beige Tie And Purple Shirt

If you match an uncolored tie and a beige shirt, you’ll be able to get an elegant and stylish look without going out of the norm of your style. This is a reliable and easy way to achieve an elegant appearance.

Additionally it is also a good idea to use it in all settings, including workplaces meetings, presentations or even formal social events like weddings.

Black Tie And Purple Shirt

Wear a tie in black with a purple or black shirt for an appearance that has some unpretentious edge. Due to its bold style, this combo is ideal for the context of social gatherings, since the use of this combination in workplaces or in other workplaces could create the impression that it’s not appropriate.

The pairings of shirts and tie as shown in the above picture are some of the well-known one. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different things when selecting the best way to pair your tie to that purple shirt.

Wearing Colored Ties With Purple Tees

We’ve included some styles that we believe you’re likely to look great with colored ties and your most coveted purple shirt. These looks are available in the gallery below.

Creative Look

The striped purple shirts and the thin ties add a touch of individuality and class for the workplace. This dress will reflect your style when worn with white Chinos. Brown leather monks can dress up any outfit.

For a more unique style, consider wearing your purple dress with a tie with vertical stripes of black, purple, or white. When worn with gray pants this outfit will have a nice look.

Brown leather loafers add the perfect finish to this look They’re sure to attract admiring glances from coworkers and acquaintances as you walk through.

If you’re looking to make an original and trendy look one of the combinations is a must is geometric purple and an elegant pink square tie. It might be a strange combination, but make sure that people compliment you about it before you make a change of choice. Wear it with a pair worn slim jeans and brogues made of leather with a beige hue.

Minimalistic Design

The combination of wool chambray tie with burgundy and wool and a purple-striped dress shirt is subtle and original. With this striking colour scheme, you’ll get an urban, minimalist style that everyone would love to emulate.

The contrast of various fabrics and textures is eye-catching and trendy. Wear this dress with charcoal wool jeans and dark-brown leather shoes for an alternative style.

For a different look, a tie made of polyester that is purple can be coupled with an light or light purple shirt to create a more casual look. If you’re looking professional and stylish wear a pair of purple Chinos. Wear black leather loafers to give an elegant finish. The look and feel will be contemporary and trendy in this look.

A purple satin necktie and shirt will also make you look classy. This can help you create a an elegant look for your workplace or at a special occasion.


Wear your khaki tie in conjunction with a light purple stripe dress shirt to create an elegant look. This combination is distinctive and fashionable. It can be worn with chinos and a blue suit.

A tie in orange with purple dots will complement your unique personal style. Combine it with white shoes and suede chinos.

A velvety necktie with a textured pattern with a shirt in purple for an attractive, casual and trendy look. The look is complemented by gray Chinos. To complete the look, you can wear black leather loafers in dark brown.

Tie And Shirt Coordination: Points To Keep In Mind

The above options show you how to match both your tie and shirt. Here are a few things to consider when matching your tie with shirt.

  • Gingham shirts match tie knots with solids wonderfully. It’s popular.
  • White ties are a perfect match for any shirt color or style.
  • Don’t match sizes of tie, shirt and designs.
  • Ties and shirts with floral patterns mix.


It can be a challenge to locate an tie that is colored to match the purple color of a shirt, however once you determine the best color to match it, you’ll surely be successful in pulling it off.

What type of tie and shirt will you wear this day? Let us know what you find out.

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