Will someone tell you “You are mine”? Come and see if your stars align! Our weekly love horoscope for singles and couples will be updated every Sunday . Here, we will give you the best combination there is – the accurate predictions and guidance of our expert astrologer, Poonam Khanna, and the age-old wisdom of the planets.

Together, they will tell you what your love life looks like every week. Are you compatible with the person you have a crush on? Is a heartbreak on the cards? Or is someone else on the way to make your dreams come true? Come back every Sunday and choose your zodiac sign to read your weekly horoscope for free.

1. Aries

Singles: Follow your heart for all things to fall in place. Time seems to be by your side to make your move.

Relationships: Manifest your emotions and dreams as you are going to be driven by moons energy.

2. Taurus

Singles: Keep an open mind so that you can learn from your situations.

Relationships: This is a period where you will experience sensitivity towards your partner. Keep a check on your emotions.

3. Gemini

Singles: You are protected and guarded by heavenly angels from above. Have faith in your heart.

Relationships: You are loved and cared for by your partner. You have the power to create a deep connection.

4. Cancer

Singles: Trust your inner knowledge to go ahead. You already know the path just apply your thoughts.

Relationships: Your prayers have been answered finally. Rejoice and enjoy with your partner.

5. Leo

Singles: Declutter your life and self from the bondage of the past. Lighten yourself and enjoy the spa.

Relationships: Patience and nurturing are needed by you and your partner. Give as much as possible to your relationship.

6. Virgo

Singles: Give a fresh start to yourself to get better prospects and creativity into your life.

Relationships: Soften your heart and pay attention to your partner’s emotions concerning current events.

7. Libra

Singles: It’s time to receive blessings and make the most of the current situation.

Relationships: Be your attention and focus on your desires so that your love blooms.

8. Scorpio

Singles: You will get what u manifest, so expect positively and believe in yourself.

Relationships: It’s time to take action and make your relationship fruitful and positive.

9. Sagittarius

Singles: Focus on your priorities, do not run for people or things just to pass your time.

Relationships: Your passion will be strong and you must follow it to bring the most out of your relationship.

10. Capricorn

Singles: Use the power of meditation to unlock your relationships and be attentive to your intuition.

Relationships: Be kind and gentle towards your partner and yourself.

11. Aquarius

Singles: Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. You will attract people who are best for you.

Relationships: All material needs will be fulfilled so prosperity is on the cards.

12. Pisces

Singles: Balance your energy to be open to accepting new people in your life.

Relationships: It’s time to overcome all difficulties of your relationships, and give it a new beginning.

Star Buzz

1. Will you get laid this week?

Leo, Aries, and Sagi – Things are heating up

2. Is a romantic date on the cards?

Leo, Aries – It’ll be a date to remember

3. Will you find love?

Cancer Scorpio and Pisces – The one you’ve been waiting for is around the corner

4. Will someone confess their love for you?

Taurus – Brace for some candid con

5. Will your ex contact you?

Virgo – Old flames will get rekindled



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