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We LOVE hearing success stories…

and… here’s a success story about how Courtney stopped her jealousy and how you can get rid of it in your relationship and life too.

Here’s Courtney’s jealousy story in her own words…

“Jealousy not only affected my relationship, it consumed my entire life.  I would make my partner crazy from my incisive nagging and I made myself crazy from the constant ideas that I wasn’t good enough.  I felt like my partner was going to leave me one day because it happened before.

“I was desperate and willing to try anything to make the constant wondering go away in my head.  I bought the NO MORE JEALOUSY packet and began reading and listening.  I found that the most help came from the chapter that said that we tell our self stories that are untrue.

“We need to change those stories to the positive.  So true, if I’m running around in fear that my partner will cheat, does it matter that he’s not?

“In my head he is and it was making me crazy.  I was ready to do whatever it took to change these patterns. So I changed these stories.  There were techniques to identify feelings of anger and fear, and how to come to terms with those feelings.

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“I have to admit that not every day is perfect. I have to remind myself of these tools often.  I even have a bad day now and again and might take things out on people that don’t deserve it but I have the tools now to deal with these issues quicker and with more tact.

“I feel that this No More Jealousy program wasn’t just a book and audios. It was life lessons on how to deal with your feelings, and get out of negative patterns or stories that we tell ourselves.

“Thank you Susie and Otto for well needed tools to deal with feelings and inadequacies.”


A great big thank you to Courtney for letting us tell her story and for giving us permission to post this on our web site.

The fact is that you can see real results of greater love and happiness in your life as well!

If you’re battling jealousy, know that you can stop it so you can have the love and connection you want.

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