It’s the same for hair of women, if you’re wondering what the price of a perm is for males. The procedure of perming female hair is exactly the identical to male hair.

The stylist needs to curl it around perm. The solution for perm will dissolve the protein bonds within your hair, forming the curls. The neutralizer can stop the process after 15 to 30 minutes.

The variables that affect its price are not based on gender. Pricing is determined by the length of the hair, the perming products used, perming kind, the type of equipment the location you are in, as well as the experience of the stylist.

What Does A Perm Cost?

Here’s an idea to price the perm: using more options will result in higher prices. The use of more sophisticated equipment results in more expensive cost.

Therefore, if you have more hair, you’ll need spend more. If your stylist must trim your hair before permingit, you’ll be charged more for that because it takes labour and the time.

  • If you’re a man with short hair, it will cost you between $30 and $100.
  • If you have hair that is medium length You may need to shell out between $60 and $200.
  • If you have hair that is long prices can range from $80 to $200.

If you also perm your hair at an expensive salon such as New York or San Francisco there is a higher cost than salons in Kansa and Oklahoma. If you visit salons that have more skilled stylists who are experienced, you’ll probably be charged much more than someone who has just started learning perming.

It doesn’t end there. Perming costs can be up to $ 400,depending on the type of perm.

Perm Cost by Type

Body Wave Perm

This style of perm is recommended for males with pin-straight hair. It adds volume, and is comfortable to feel. The stylist will apply the hot or acid solution to achieve this. The cost is between $40 and 200.

Perma Perm

Spiral perm creates curly and tight spiral curls that are bouncy. The length of the curls is determined by how big the rods that are used. This type of perm can create long spiral curls when stylists use long perm rods, or tight spiral ones when using short perm rods. This type of perm makes use of a cold perm and should cost between $80 and $200.

A Stack or Multi-Textured Perm

The multi-textured perm produces various lengthened curls. It is made up of short perm rods and long ones. The price starts at just $40 and can go as high as $150.

Volumizing Perm

A volumizing perm does not produce hard curls because stylists remove the perm rods prior to adding the neutralizer. This results in an increase in volume, bit-wavy as well as soft curls. If you use any of the perm solutions permitted, the price can range from $50 to $150.

Root Perm

Perms for the root are by far the most affordable one, since it costs as little as $80. It is only used with perm rods that are near to the scalp, and injects the solution around 2 to 4 inches away off the scalp.

Spot or Partial Perm

Perming in partial or spot form is less expensive since only a handful of specific parts utilize perm rods, and you get the solution applied. It can be used all the way to $95.

Straight Perm

Also known as a reverse perm. This type is for those with curly or wavy hair who want to straighten their hair. It utilizes hot perm solutions to allow it to sit for 30 minutes before being flattened using an iron that is hot. It is priced from one to hundreds of dollars.

Digital Perm

The latest technology in perming is using the latest technology in perming using digital rods. The digital perm rods come with heat-control functions , and are more expensive than normal perm rods. Expect prices to rise as high as $300.

How Long Does a Perm Durable For Men?

Hair that is permed for males is typically between four and 6 months. The secret to keeping it longer is on the way you treat your hair. There’s one thing you should remember to not wash your hair in less than the first 48 hours, as it will ruin the work that your hairdresser has done. Additionally, you should avoid combing your hair during this time or for at least 24 hours. Avoid touching them for a prolonged time.

After that it is time to clean your hair and maintain it well-hydrated. The majority of men will not take care of their hair after this procedure. Perming can result in dry hair.

Avoid applying heat equipment like a hair dryer. Also, don’t wash the hair using shampoo, or apply conditioner instead. Also make sure to deep-condition every month at least can help moisturize your hair.


Costs of perming your own hair is not depend on the customer’s gender. It is based on a variety of aspects like the perming solution and style, hair length or the type of equipment employed.

Rememberthat the more solution or equipment is used the higher the cost. If you don’t want to spend the money you spent for perming, make sure you take care to maintain the quality of the treated hair.

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